Al Sancak In English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 1 In English SubtitlesAl Sancak Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 1 In English Subtitles In the name of God. How are the preparations, Sheikh Effendi? They are ready, Sultan. Rose water will be poured on the cover of the Kaaba.  They weigh the rose with a rose. The bazaar is full of roses.” Has not been said in vain. Sultan, the candlesticks for The Prophet’s Mosque are ready. Praise be. Surre’s pouches too.

Al Sancak Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Thank God. The cover of the Kaaba. Prophet Ishmael, peace be upon him, was the first to cover it. When our Prophet conquered the Kaaba. Peace be upon him. .they ordered that this beautiful custom continues. Our Prophet left us three beautiful gifts. The Quran.his teachings and his family. We are obliged to protect these three beautiful gifts.and in return for these gifts.

Al Sancak Episode 1 With English Subtitles

we are obliged to fill our hearts with faith. Sultan. How can I send a gift? The best gift you can give to God’s to brighten your heart with faith. It is to pray a lot and practice his teachings. All the material gifts sent by the Ottoman State.are not equivalent to the gift.of Bilal, peace be upon him. What was the gift Bilal? The beautiful-eyed child of the Black Continent.

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He was the first to recite the call of prayer. He was the first to call for the oneness of God. After our Prophet died. Peace be upon him. Bilal could not read recite the call to prayer again. He could not stay in Madinah. He went to Damascus. Years later, Omer.came to Damascus. He was preparing to conquer Jerusalem. They entered Jerusalem together.

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After our Prophet died, Bilal.recited the call to prayer for the first time in Jerusalem. One night, he heard the Prophet’s voice in his dreams.  Isn’t that much separation enough, Bilal?” Bilal could not stay. He took to the roads. When he arrived at the Mosque of the Prophet.he had fallen unconscious. When he opened his eyes.he saw our Hussein and Hassan front of him. “If we ask you for something, can you do it?” They asked. “Bilal is your slave.” said. “Then read the call to prayer.” They said.

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Years later.Bilal recited the call to prayer for the first time in Madinah. People rushed to the mosque as if our Prophet was alive. The streets of Madinah resonated with Bilal’s voice. He gave his Master a present. It is important to read the Quran well. How lucky is the one who can conduce towards this. May God be pleased with him. Come, Isa Effendi. You ordered me, Sultan.

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This is my dream every night, Sultan. Let’s not let you wait any longer. Surre Procession will depart. You’re in charge of Surre. The duty is yours. But, I suitable for that duty? You are suitable. With your heart, your deserve this duty. Pasha, you look surprised. I am surprised at you, Sultan. While there are so many people who have have found the most suitable person for this. This task is given to those who deserve.not those who ask.

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Your sons will tell you the secret of this matter. All right, you may leave. Indian governor’s wife. This is the wife of the African governor. I was sure I had seen this brooch before. Just as I remember. Seniha Sultan. How did you earn the queen’s trust? Mahmut Pasha, tell me the news whatever it is. If we wait for your pain to soothe.we won’t be able to proceed. Lord Conrad. How can I say. I. I could not become.the Surre responsible.for the Surre Procession.

Al Sancak Seires Episode 1 In English Subtitles

How can you not? Al Sancak Seires Episode 1 In English Subtitles They chose Mehmet Pasha. I tried very hard. But I couldn’t succeed. Pasha! Is that your scope? Kurulus Osman Season 4 In English What happened to my scope? I will throw down the gauntlet against any man who tries to measure my scope. We assigned you a come to us with like misbehaving children. You’re saying you couldn’t do it. Shame on you! Lord Conrad.

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You do not have a child or a servant in front of you. Besides, if you want to keep your hands and your arms.stop swinging them around. We came to destroy the barbarian and the bigoted Ottoman.and establish a civilised world instead.

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