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Al Sancak Series In English Subtitles Nobody will know the real Surre Procession you are in. You will board a ship as if you are going on pilgrimage. The false procession that will reveal betrayal.will pass from the usual Besiktas Pier to Uskudar. It will stay there. Whatever happens, will happen that night. Could you give us a place in your prayers, Isa Effendi? You are in my heart and in my prayer, Sultan.

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May God speed you. Come. Prince, you ordered me to come. Surre Procession has been prepared. Mother says that Mehmet Pasha be at the head of the procession. Did Bidar Sultan speak to my uncle the Sultan? No. I prevented her. What happened? What are you thinking? Oh nothing. Sebahattin. You owe me both your life and your liberty. You still don’t trust me?

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I know my father is despotic. Watch Al Sancak Series In English Subtitles And I would like to fight it. If there is something behind the matter, let me know. The English. They are supporting us. These things would not succeed otherwise, Prince. Understand. Ahmet a libertarian. While he had many chances, he ran away from here. He advocated domestic reform for the sake of freedom. He did not want the support of foreigners. Prince.

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What is the use of Ahmet Riza’s libertarianism? It’s a waste of time. If you are not in the ranks of the world order.there is no way. These things won’t succeed. Al Sancak Series In Urdu Subtitles What is the interest in this Surre Procession? Uncle sultan.has a document that will cause trouble for all the royal families in the world. He will send this document to Mecca to hide it. The person at the head of this Surre Procession.can deliver it to the English.

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Mahmut Pasha. Yes. The English promised us, Brother. They promised us that all the freedom lovers in the world.will support us unconditionally. Divine. Al Sancak Series In Urdu Subtitles In order for Mahmut Pasha to become in charge of Surre Procession.I will keep my uncle out of the game. Divine. While everything is so not make it burn in vain, Prince. Sultan. The list of those who aspire to undertake the Surre task. Thank God.

Al Sancak Episode 1 In English Subtitles

There are all kinds of names from neighbourhood imam to Pasha. Praise be. There are many names, Sultan. But I wrote the important ones at the top. Minister of Foundations Zeki Pasha. Minister of Postal Services Lutfu Pasha. Mehmet Effendi. Mahmut Pasha. The list goes on and on. Yes. I would like to take your opinions. These four names are important and received government discipline. Grand Vizier Pasha? Sultan. Zeki Pasha is old. I am concerned about his health.

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But Mahmut Pasha and Mehmet Effendi.can do this task. Sultan, as there is suspicion around Mehmet Effendi.I recommend Mahmut Pasha. How about you, Fuad Pasha? Now Watch Al Sancak Episode 1 In English Subtitles The judgment is yours. All of the names on the list.are very precious. In that case. I choose.the one in charge of be Cerkez Mehmet Effendi. He will hold the leash of the camel during the Surra ceremony. However, our last decision.will be taken there. Come, dear. Sultana.

Al Sancak Series With English Subtitles

The travel album in England and France made in the time of Sultan Abdulaziz. All photos taken there are available. It took me a while to find it. We do not tolerate someone unable to take charge of a delegation. There is no place in our world for a man.unable to follow the bullet he fired. Stop swinging your arms around. If you are unhappy with our partnership, Mr. Conrad.we are not married.we can separate, and it will be over.

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You will either finish the work you undertook..or you will end, Pasha. If you cannot take charge of Surre Procession.your Sultan will learn everything. Alparslan Season 2 Episode 43 In Urdu Subtitles We will reveal your kidnap former Sultan Murat. You and your son will end. This man is without rebuke. But when his interest is at stake.he is filthy on the inside. You have burnt again, Mahmut.

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You have burnt again. Silkman Osman Baba. I thought you would introduce me to the Jewish subjects. The silkman is Jewish. Kurulus Osman Season 4 In English Subtitles But he performs all his prayers in the mosque. I think Sara will go directly to London when she gets out of here. No. This time, I will not leave Sara. What will you do?

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