AlpArslan Episode 60: Recap Summary

In this historical series chapter 60, we went saw the events surrounding Sultan Alp Arslan and the Seljuk State as they conquered Ani, a significant obstacle on the path to Anatolia, and expanded their influence in the region. As their conquest continued, they encountered a complex web of alliances and opposition.

1. Conquering Ani:

Sultan Alp Arslan’s conquest of Ani removed a major barrier to their expansion in Anatolia. He gradually conquered Byzantine castles and cities, making way for further Seljuk activities in the region.

2. The Call to Egypt:

While on his march, Alp Arslan received an invitation from the Vizier of Egypt to join a campaign aimed at uniting the Islamic world and establishing justice. This call led him to an important decision.

3. The Unyielding Mahmud Mirdas:

On his journey, Alp Arslan sought the allegiance of various fortresses. However, only Mahmud Mirdas refused to pledge allegiance, leading to a confrontation and a potential bloody conquest.

4. A Mother’s Warning:

Mahmud Mirdas’s mother, Seyyide, tried to dissuade her son from pledging allegiance to Alp Arslan, fearing the consequences of his decision.

5. Byzantine Intrigues:

On the Byzantine side, the death of Emperor Ducas led to Evdokia’s choice as the new emperor, with Diogenes as her chosen spouse. Diogenes, previously imprisoned, sought to pursue his goals of preventing Alp Arslan and the Turks from conquering Anatolia.

6. The Battle of Malazgirt:

As Alp Arslan continued his campaign to Egypt, he learned that Diogenes was marching towards Seljuk territory. Faced with a critical decision, Alp Arslan chose to confront Diogenes at the Battle of Malazgirt, with the aim of conquering his opponent and securing his territorial claims.


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