Alparslan Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 In English SubtitlesAlparslan Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles It’s obvious that the article was written by Samir. Find that notebook, Son. Let’s publish the article and pictures of the notebook in the newspaper. This way, we will stand in the way of those who manipulate the youth and slander me. Peace be upon you, Mehmet Pasha. And upon you, Pasha. Mehmet Pasha. What is that, for God’s sake?

Alp arslan Season 2 Episode 35 English Subtitles

Like two angry children fighting over sweets. After all, we are relatives. Our religion is also one. What the matter with you? I would stay away of anyone so shameless after all this.even if he were my brother, Pasha. Please go your way. Mehmet Pasha. Alp arslan Season 2 Episode 35 English Subtitles Mehmet Pasha. Listen. Even the simplest incident has an invisible side. Now. This is a palace. There is no limit to anything that goes on during the day. I bend over backwards all frustrate these games.

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Why do I bend over backwards? Let’s assume.that armed infidels and anarchists.have raided the palace right now. What do we do? What will we do, Pasha? We will risk our lives and protect the Sultan. There you go, Mehmet Pasha. There are three or five people who will risk their lives. One of those three or five is you.the other is me. Snow falls on the mountains you trust. Strong men will escape to the mountains like mice. For example.

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the hero of Pleven Gazi Osman Pasha. What happened to Osman Pasha? I received a very important journal, Mehmet Pasha. They say Gazi Osman involved in a plan to reenthrone Sultan Murat. He is not alone in this. He is collaborating with the infidels. Alparslan Season 2 Episode 35 In English Dailymotion They will overthrow Abdulhamid with the weapons.they took from the Armenians and the support of the English.and enthrone Sultan Murat instead. Mehmet Pasha. Why do you think Abdulhamid kept Gazi Osman Pasha in the palace last night?

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This doesn’t sound believable. However, this is terrifying, Pasha. Did you share this information with our Sultan? Well. If you want the truth. I did not want to share such information without the consultation.of an honourable, reliable and powerful pasha like yourself.with our Sultan. As you know. Our Sultan loves Gazi Osman Pasha. If I bring him this journal on my own.I am afraid of his anger. But if there is behind honourable and powerful pasha like you.

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then I can bring this news to the sultan. I go into all kinds of wars. Hatice. Aunt. Stay seated. I did not hear you coming. What’s the matter, Hatice? What happened? Why are you so upset? My mind and my heart.are in a war whose victor is unknown. How can I be happy, Aunt? Oh, my beautiful girl. Why are you hurting yourself like that? Look, if you go on like this, you will not only upset will upset me, Kemalettin, everyone who loves you. What shall I do, Aunt? This love is not in my hands anymore. Dear. Why do you pick your love flower out of the ground before it blossoms?

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Don’t give up, Hatice. Fight for your love. No need to strive anymore. All hope is gone. What do you mean? I planted a love seed between Kemalettin and Naime. How? I gave the letter Kemalettin sent to Naime. Naime will read the letter as if it were written to her. Why did you do such a thing, dear? Aunt.if Naime loves Kemalettin.they should be given a chance. If the Pasha really wants me.he will fight for me and win despite Naime. No other way is possible. So you say.

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I didn’t leave the Pasha to Naime. I am only testing him. If he truly loves me.he will come despite Naime. Is that correct? Very correct, Aunt. Very correct. Oh dear, you say so. But if that letter got into Naime’s hand. Unfortunately, everything is over. I am pleased to see you side by front of me like this. If the benefit of the state.requires my association with Mehmet Pasha.we surrender to anything, Sultan. It’s not just a matter of the state, Pasha. Every embrace, every a joy in a Muslim’s heart Sultan.

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Mehmet Pasha has come with very important news. However, it is bad news. However, it is a great success in terms of intelligence security. Alparslan Season 2 Episode 34 In English Mehmet Pasha.does not want to share this important news with you. Because he is afraid that this news will hurt your sensitive heart. The end of weakness in the state is destruction. Don’t hesitate, Pasha. Please, tell me. Sultan, we have heard that the Armenians and the English.are doing work. Mehmet Pasha. Even the infidel’s cat is doing work.

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Share the important news with the Sultan. Osman. Osman Pasha. There is that he is involved in their plans. Describe the game before you give names. Describe the game so that the names involved may have meaning. Sultan. Sultan Murat will be kidnapped from Ciragan. The Armenian mobs will revolt. During this unrest, the English will reenthrone Sultan Murat. To succeed in this They need a strong and shrewd pasha. Osman Pasha. Sultan. I didn’t want to upset you.

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The enemy must be defeated. You can be defeated. You can die, you can be captured. I have no fear as long as you don’t escape conflict. However, the betrayal of a Muslim to a Muslim. is the real defeat.

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