Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 In English Subtitles

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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 In English SubtitlesBarbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 In English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin, also known as Hayreddin Pasha, was an Ottoman admiral and corsair who lived in the 16th century. Born Khizr or Hayreddin in the village of Palaiokipos on the Aegean island of Lesbos, he became one of the most renowned naval commanders of his time. Barbaros Hayreddin played a crucial role in the Ottoman Empire’s dominance of the Mediterranean Sea and was instrumental in expanding the empire’s naval power.

Barbaros Hayreddin started his career as a sailor, serving under his elder brother Oruç Reis, who was also a prominent pirate. Together, they operated in the western Mediterranean, attacking and capturing numerous ships. After the death of his brother, Hayreddin took over the command of their fleet and continued their naval activities.

Under Barbaros Hayreddin’s leadership, the Ottoman navy achieved significant victories against various European powers, including the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and Italy. One of his most notable achievements was the conquest of the island of Tunis in 1534, which served as a strategic base for the Ottomans in the western Mediterranean.

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Hayreddin’s naval prowess earned him the title of Kapudan Pasha, the highest rank in the Ottoman navy. He also played a crucial role in the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in 1517, commanding the naval forces that supported the army led by Sultan Selim I.

Barbaros Hayreddin’s success as a naval commander can be attributed to his strategic skills, innovative tactics, and exceptional seamanship. He was known for his daring raids, effective use of artillery, and ability to adapt to different naval conditions.

In addition to his military achievements, Hayreddin was also involved in diplomatic missions and negotiations with European powers. He established diplomatic relations with the French king Francis I, which helped forge an alliance between the Ottoman Empire and France against their common enemy, the Habsburg Empire.

Barbaros Hayreddin’s legacy as a great naval commander and statesman continues to be celebrated in Turkey and beyond. His name is associated with bravery, leadership, and the golden age of the Ottoman Navy. Today, several warships of the Turkish Navy have been named after him as a tribute to his contributions to naval history.

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