Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 In English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 In English SubtitlesBarbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 In English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 In English Subtitles I don’t want to see you again as head of the French Navy, Faria. I must have full obedient people around me. But you do not obey your emperor. You are not my “shock. Nor am I one of your men. Don’t let me get the property by adhering to the agreement, so do you want to kill me now? Arbizo’s work was to catch your ships by holding ( wa-Zaifa ) you. If my girlfriend swears despite lying that she was telling the truth, I would believe it. But you are not my girlfriend.

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Leave you and my contract with Sharkan will deteriorate, for which you have developed this treacherous game. Now want to see his sentence? Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 In English Subtitles Andril is impossible. He is tempted by money before everything, sir. And then he is still in the service of Emperor France “Franciva. In this case we will convince him. Of course, it will be difficult for you. It should not be so much for the dreamer of becoming the emperor of the Holy Room. I will leave to return to Rome this evening.

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Hope our next meeting. You will only have to dress in the holy. Can’t control your tongue, can’t you? He saved you from getting in trouble before the Pope. But instead of thanking me, I’m getting angry. Do you know how much it will cost me? That agent named Andril Taria takes 60,000 gold coins from France annually. Topar he will come to you to work in 70,000. He is a paid soldier, who will give more; He will fight for it. Do you think I have a gold mine?

Barbaros Episode 4

Watch Barbaros Episode 4 In English Subtitles

When the Pope gave 200,000 gold coins; Then you weren’t with me? I am spending something on myself to fight the Turks. I don’t have the money to give to the region. Franواois doesn’t have money like you either. Where do you think he paid so much money to Faria? How to pay, the queen informed of everything? He borrowed from a Venetian banker. Who is this man? Not a man, there is a woman. The diamond and jewelry business with its merchants. And now she is the richest woman in Veneedik.

Barbaros Hayreddin Bolum 4 In English Subtitles

I want to meet him myself. We have a small problem. We have killed the woman’s husband. He was the member of the Maramos family forcibly expelled from Ibiza. I don’t think a woman will look at us with kind eyes. Great Jesus! (lia pbg) But there is a solution. I can find him as a cousin of the governor’s daughter abducted by Barbaros. And I can ask for a loan. Tell me a reasonable reason to come here. Stop, good al-Din sir! Stop. I am the arsenal of Sultan Solomon. My name is Mustafa.

Barbroslar Episode 4 In English Subtitles

He was going to the islands to meet you. Saleh Raees and Idan Raees suddenly met. They found out you were here. John has to pay the price, yet he doesn’t tell anyone in my place. For you, Sultan Hazrat has brought the muktub, when I told him, they left me. If I’m not sure, see then. This is the decree of our Sultan. Commander of the Arab Islands. Ghazi is Khairuddin Sahib. And immediately come and meet me. Because I need you in an important job. May Allah conquer you against enemies. Sewala!! ( Cancer guards are called ). So our Sultan is here!!

Barbaros Hayreddin Bolum 4 In English Subtitles

The Sultan has secretly called you to speak without bringing anyone to know. He will not start talking before he starts. Barbados Welledin Sahib! Thanks, Sultan dear! As heard, they are brave anyway. Are you happy? Al-Hamad Lala, Sultan Dear! Pray for you and your ancestors, the precious privilege of publishing Islam, I am jihad on the way to Allah. If appropriate, allow permission. So I want to present the flag of the Kingdom of Spain in the last victory. Due to the arrival of winter, the return from the gates of Vienna has made me very sad. I am very grateful to you for giving this flag.

Hayreddin Episode 4 In English Subtitles

May Allah fulfill your wishes. Yours too, Sultan dear! It is my luck to make you just happy. Who called you here, are you surprised about it? Will not lie, Sultan dear. Really surprised. According to the information received, the Spanish emperor “Sharkan. The emperor of the Holy Roman Empire will be made. His and the Pope’s intention, to get the Turks out of Europe. Istanbul ( Constantinople ) is to be withdrawn. My intention is to conquer Rome by the command of Allah. And the heart of their capitals is to read the flag of Islam in ( heart ). In Shawallah, Sultan Dear!

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Habsburg will be between the ruling family and the Ottoman royal family, so it is very clear. We must besiege France in vain. Soldier and you will have a lucrative address for this work here. As appropriate, Sultan dear! You are the acquaintance and feet of these rivers, Kharaldin. There are Ghazi and fighters who have won maritime victories and jihad. Time will improve and change the situation. So I will deploy you the captain of my fleet ( Amiralbair ). The Prime Minister agrees with my opinion, “Abraham Pasha Afrangi. Of the rest of the ministers of Magar Dewan.

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You have to be supported. Being the captain of your subordinate fleet ( Amiralbahr ) is a huge sharf for me. But don’t bother for this jurisprudential servant. Leave it to me. Now the more important stipend will hand you over. Mustafa! – Is the room ready? – Ready, Sultan dear! I haven’t heard your name before, Julie Sahba. What did you say came from “Forley City? China is lucky in the grave. My Khond Ryaro was the two in the city of Forli. I had to take office because of his death. Strange! I know most Polish Sharafs. I’m allergic to cats. I don’t like to pretend much, Miyadi Lona.

Concessions do not even participate in invitations.

The amount you ask is too big. If there is no contraceptives, may ask where the money will be used? Of course, there is no contraceptives. When traveling on a Genius ship, a bloody pirate attacked them and was abducted. This tyrant man. I have asked my family for a ransom of 70,000 French euros. Who is that brutal robber? So Barbaros has kidnapped your cousin. Do you know it?

Who doesn’t know this bloody enemy of Christianity? Are saying well. My cousin Valeria Jesus Christ ( The true follower of the Holy Spirit ) was a Christian, Miyadi Lona. If you give me this money. So it will not be less than a blessing for us. I’ll give you the required money, Julie Sahba.

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