Barbaroslar Season 1 In English Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In English SubtitlesBarbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles Agha Raees, see, Jaffar’s lions have also come. Kill them stupid, who are you waiting for؟ I have no intention of leaving you this time. I will kill you. Everyone comes down. I will not lose in this section either. Not this section. If all the soil of Alexandria is also mixed in river water. So she won’t be a pile and dirty clay that you are made of. Yarley, break the door.

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles

You were right, the rise. I wanted to set fire. Just a lot has happened now. If I die, you will die too. This story will end here. Elias،.Cover me. Jaffar is saying that his patience has been answered. Listen, finally, what a hobby you love to play with fire. Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles Just a lot of rise. We still have plenty of time to meet Hazrat Azril. You didn’t write in the fate of the people, Brother. Jaffar was behind us. Tie the one who survived. You saved our lives, thank you very much.

Barbroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In English Subtitles

What is the problem with these people؟ You remember I mentioned a secret to you. These people are behind you. The book I have, I want to understand for the purpose for which I want to understand. They also followed us for the purpose of the Sea. Barbroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In English Subtitles We guys want to use it for good. Mager, those people took oppression. And I won’t let that happen even if my life goes away. You have really made the whole world your enemy. Now how do you fight them all alone؟

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 Trailer In English

Allah has often given a lower number to victory. Now that with the help of Allah, I have determined my way. So Allah will give me perseverance towards my destination. Clean well. You’ve done it right, sir. It would have happened when we had finished them like thirty. I should have done something like that. Continue the journey until a safe cave is found. Give me a boat when the ship is OK. Five six people have to go with me. We have to go in another direction.

Barbroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 Trailer In English

I don’t think you’ve eaten anything for a long time. I don’t eat anything I haven’t hunted myself. Look, there is no poison in it. Eat with satisfaction. We have arranged this banquet in your honor, didn’t you like it؟ Some people who are entertaining their special costumes. I don’t like it all at all. As I guessed it. I feel good in silence. Mager I’m sure you’ll like the sound you hear soon. Put the stick down, there’s no need. Come with me. Look at them all. Look at them. They are the ones you were understanding of the rich Sharafs.

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles

These people have now become savage killers at the behest of my hand. Are they all pastor soldiers؟ No, they are all ruthless killers working for black pirates. This is the army that will turn the sea into hell for the proud Turks. I’ve never been able to learn about it before. Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles Who is this black pirate؟ Poseidon died, and you have survived as a black pirate. From now on, your new name and new army will be. And I’m giving you both things. And I just want one thing from you.

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That you will take revenge on the Turks. Who ordered you to destroy my ship؟ No one, I hate you and I took this step because of my hatred. There is not so much courage within you at all. This will open soon. Now I have to ask you another thing. Don’t you know anything about the organization you’re working for؟ I know what this organization is. I want to know what I don’t know. You’re with Ibn Cluj, which means you’re around Silvio.

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What is the reality of this organization called Onita؟ I don’t know much of what you know. I’m not killing you because you’re on my plane. They rode secretly but because you are lying. What do you know about Onita؟ I don’t know anything about his heads. All I know is that those people are more powerful and dangerous than our thinking.

There are so many powerful that this sea can make a tomb for anyone. Even for you, sir. I haven’t just woke up these seas. When the storm is struck by me. So the whole world will see that. Who is this sea tomb for. I’m not hungry. You don’t understand that right now.

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