Barbaroslar Season 1 In English Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 22 In English Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In English SubtitlesBarbroslar Season 1 Episode 22 In English Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 22 In English Subtitles I will annoy Alexandria on you. You will never escape my hand. To go to Silvio. Onita is a big manufacturer. We wanted to tell you in advance. but I’ll do my best to save it. .I promise you. Saleh is really an expert in making bombs He has been the head of the ammunition warehouse There is an important issue that must be resolved. .We will get Mustafa out of Zandan.

Barbroslar Season 1 Bolum 22 In English Subtitles

Why Boris Sahib؟ Because this by a fool called Asad Pasha. .Talk to your mind. .And trapped yourself. .Ghiyahuddin’s attention was taken to remove from the problem. .We are forced to show Mustafa innocent. .Otherwise we will be caught. .While I’m close to building a bank. .Just a budding away from capturing oil sources . Then I have to engage with these idiots . .In fact, the mistake is my own. . I trust people very much.

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 22 Trailer In English

Give them the responsibilities they can’t do. . Yet I must never underestimate the scope of stupidity of a human being What this mind people, I’m forced to work with them, and go through. .And it’s very dangerous. .See what we have to do immediately. What do you want from me؟ What would I like from you؟ But Sir Boris wants you to go to Zandan. Flinta Mustafa is again in Zandan

Barbroslar Season 1 Bolum 22 Trailer In English

You want Boris to talk to him. What do I talk to him؟ You will offer him that you can give false testimony in his favor. . That is, last night you were with Mustafa. If he accepted the offer. .We will h
elp him by finding other witnesses. Barbroslar Season 1 Bolum 22 Trailer In English While you have come to me. .So that meant all the way was off. In fact, I have no special desire for you . In fact, I would never like you. .But you are a woman. .Whenever I come to this house. .I ask myself how such a woman would do this

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 22 English Subtitles

I’m not like women who are soulless. .I am a woman who must be careful. .And what difference do you see between us. .In fact, we are both working for dark souls, the same devil. Deal with this work immediately. .Don’t do stupid things. I have heard the decision. .What can I do for .Why wouldn’t he tell who he made for؟ I have had a quarrel with him for a long time. .And still is, his religion and faith are just a bad wealth. By the command of Allah,

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 22 Dailymotion

we know how to talk to the priests of wealth and wealth. I have thought the same thing. Wait a minute, don’t get in touch Just Zirik, the cloth is over The judge made us an officer. .They drove us out of the army. I was not surprised. Then we started working at the checkpoint. . He cleaned the living rooms, all the time we heard the name Flantamasparas. .Flinta Mustafa and Ali brave always passed in front of us. Look, I don’t like what I’m doing.

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I swear I didn’t steal. It won’t believe it, we catch it. Okay, let’s come and catch it from that side. It’s impossible sir, what you’re doing is oppression and injustice. .The order of the judge Ghiyahuddin is clear

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