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Fath Al Andalus Episode 3 English Subtitles

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Fath Al Andalus Episode 3 English Subtitles They will attack you. The scandal named the world.is like a bath mug, Son. It passes through everyone’s hand. It comes to you and you enjoy for a while. Then it goes to someone else. Don’t be fooled by the world. Whatever you chase.becomes your master. We.we can only be God’s slaves. Don’t forget. Your fate.will come and find you. Go, son. I baited those three Armenians.

Fath Al Andalus Episode 3 With English Subtitles

They will come to the church. I hope this goes well. I will kill them in the church. Your prayer will be heard there. Do not worry, Mr. Herzl. You have to use your time very efficiently. Kill them before Omer arrives to the church. When will you get the weapons? The Armenians must be armed while Omer is getting lynched. I will go get the weapons. If the butter, sugar and flour are ready,

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we can start making dessert, Mr. Herzl. The ingredients will be ready. But let’s see the scope of your skills. Look, Melike. Look at this carefully. Download Fath Al Andalus Episode 3 English Subtitles This arrowhead.carries Abdulhamid’s seal. It can only be used with Abdulhamid’s orders. Your father’s blood was smeared on this arrow. Aren’t we giving Melike a very hard time, Sara? She is tired. Leave her rest. To forget is to murder life, Samir. Don’t forget. This is the reality for you and Melike. If you turn your head from the truth.

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you’ll be doomed to the eternal darkness. Even if you accept it.I cannot accept it. You can enter Abdulhamid’s carpenter workshop. But you can never enter his dark world. Behind the closed doors, horrid crimes take place. Horrifying decisions are taken. Fath Al Andalus Episode 2 English Subtitles Every day, judgements to kill hundreds of people are rendered. Just like your father. The only thing that could impede Abdulhamid is the western civilisation. This holy civilisation moves forth with its heroes. You, Samir, and I.

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Shall we be remembered as its heroes.or its disgrace? We have to decide. Sara. Sara, are you alright? Blood. Blood again. I will not accept your objection this time. I’ll get a doctor. Run, Brother. I do not usually fancy such places. But you invited me. How to Watch Fath Al Andalus 3 English Subtitles It was the right decision to come. I wouldn’t have been able to come to your hotel. And they would have found you dead tomorrow. What do you mean? Abdulhamid played a game on you. The English agent you are trying to rescue.

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is Abdulhamid’s spy. How is this possible? Well, it is. I am afraid your queen may turn out to be Abdulhamid’s spy. Your man is an Ottoman officer. You are trying to save him assuming he is an English spy. What are his intentions? His intentions. This Ottoman spy, your English agent will kill you.  Then he will continue working as a spy. Mr. Herbert. Don’t trust this man. You pay the check.

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Come here, Brother. Sit down. Makbule has opened her eyes. What did she say? Did she say Mahmut Pasha’s name? Seniha took the girl as her daughterinlaw, Mehmet. Valide Sultan came here. She gave Seniha the girl. When the girl opened her eyes, she said she didn’t see who attacked her. What kind of poison, Doctor? It slowly spreads in the body and does not present its severity immediately. Its effects are inevitable.

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It is a very dangerous poison that ends in paralysis. What does this mean? Tell us how she will recover.The flower’s root is poisonous. But its leaves are the antidote. Why is this flower here? Years ago, I brought it from North Africa with the orders of Sultan Abdulhamid. I was in the science committee that planted the flower.among the plant families in the garden of Yildiz Palace. God. I was. Abdulhamid again. But why?

Without this flower, you cannot expel this poison from your body. When the Red Sultan told me that I’ll return to the Palace.this is what he meant.

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