Fath Al Andalus English Subtitles

Fath Al Andalus Episode 4 English Subtitles

Fath Al Andalus Episode 1 English SubtitlesFath Al Andalus Episode 4 English Subtitles

Fath Al Andalus Episode 4 English Subtitles Tahsin Pasha. Release our spy to give this English Counselor a lesson. As you command, Sultan. Sultan. I am astonished.by your intelligence. May God give you many years. Sultan, is Mahmut Pasha acquainted with the English Counselor? Of course he does, Pasha. Of course he does. Now he will go to him and tell him to save himself. Hey you! Yes, Pasha. Where are you heading to?

Fath Al Andalus Episode 4 With English Subtitles

To Tahsin Pasha. I need to give him these photos. Show me. How ugly. I didn’t like it. I don’t understand why our Sultan Abdulhamid.loves these factory photos. There are our two heroes. Celal and Kemalettin. They will both become great soldiers. Who is this one in the middle? Our Sultan’s spy in Palestine. Is that so? Kargapulos Let me have this photo as a memory of our heroes. You can print one more for Tahsin Pasha. Go now. I know. You’ll go even if I tell not to. I cannot stay,

Fath Al Andalus Episode 4 In English Subtitles

Father. Fine, Son. When you go outside this door. You won’t come back as the old Omer. You will be a different Omer. If you go.be very careful from now on. Prince Abdulkadir.had taken me for a walk in a garden full of flowers and plants. With your permission. I cannot go back there. If I go back, Abdulhamid won’t leave me alive this time. You won’t go back there. I’ll bring that garden here if necessary. Here you are. You’re starting to be like Melike. I started to feel better.

I know who is will bring us that flower.

Mehmet Pasha. You feared our justice.and sought shelter in the ambassador’s house. Why did you do that? Please explain. I received a letter inviting me to the German Embassy. It was written that the matter was very important. I was told I certainly must go. Who wrote that paper? What was it about? I couldn’t obtain any information, Sultan.

When I arrived in the embassy, no one in the embassy

had information. Nobody was waiting for me. That night. Did you enter the Palace with Prince Abdulkadir? Yes, Sultan. Our girl Makbule.was stabbed that night. Are you involved in this? No, Sultan. I entered the Palace with Prince Abdulkadir. I did not see Makbule or anyone else in the Palace. In that case, let’s ask our girl. Tahsin Pasha.

Bring Makbule here. As you command, Sultan.

Mr. Herzl. I know how to speak to the errand boy and to the Pasha in the capital. Wait here. What is this, Aga? Let’s check the boxes. I think the signature slipped Fath Al Andalus Episode 2 English Subtitles your notice. It is our prince’s personal possessions. It is our Sultan’s orders. There are no favours in government business. Tell me your name, then. We will tell our prince.

Fath Al Andalus Episode 4 In English Subtitles Dailymotion

I am sure he would want to reward someone an honest employee like you. Unload your goods. Go. Unload them. Come on. Fath Al Andalus Bolum 4 English Subtitles If you don’t know how to talk to a dog.it will bite a lot. It is not a skill to talk to a dog under this state’s training. Let’s first take our weapons. And then you will see the real skills. Ah! You’re finally here. The walk to the Court of Accounts must be difficult for you.

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