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Fath Al Andalus Episode 5 English Subtitles

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Fath Al Andalus Episode 5 English Subtitles There is someone I would like to show you. Please come in. How’s that possible? This girl Sultan, please allow me to explain. When the doctors were examining the girl for her death report, her finger moved. They immediately informed me. Then I sent the girl to a fullfledged hospital. I do not know who in the palace tried to kill the girl. So, I hid the matter from everyone.

Fath Al Andalus Episode 5 With English Subtitles

Even me. Pardon me, Sultan. I kept it a secret because I did not think it will help you find the girl’s killer. But I know you assigned two inspectors to investigate the incident. The inspectors did not find any clues. What do the doctors say? They’re say that the girl’s life is no longer at risk. Thank God. Thank God. After Fatma Pesend Hatun’s safe arrival, this news made my day. Since two guests who make our Sultan’s happy have arrived If you permit,

Fath Al Andalus Episode 5 In English Subtitles

I would like to organize a dinner in honor of Fatma Pesend Hanım. Perhaps our girl will wake up by then. It’s suitable. It’s suitable. Bring me the document you have about my brother before dinner. This is your respite. This is only you, not to your husband. Fath Al Andalus Episode 4 English Subtitles Once this girl wakes up, your husband will be done for, Seniha Sultan. What are these moves? This is to find out if I’m being followed. Looking at your cloak, you must be quite afraid. Your girl, Ms. Sara.has really lost her memory. She hit her head in the accident.

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And told the Sultan where the poison was. I knew there was something wrong. Otherwise, Melike would have completed her task. I don’t know about this. All I know is that the girl treats Abdulhamid like her father. When her memory returns, you’ll see how she will treat him. What about you, Ms. Sara, how’s your past with Melike? All of her past is me. In that case, the girl will remember everything when she sees you. I do not know of a more effective cure than hatred for recollection.

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Once Melike sees me, she will remember that she lives to kill Abdulhamid. Wİth that given, we must find a way to take you into the palace. How? But how? Got it! Worldrenowned Nana. Ms. Sara. Look. Worldrenowned tailor Nana is in Istanbul. Are you good at needlework? Sewing is not for me. I prefer ripping things apart. Why did you ask? I asked because.Mahmut Pasha would let a worldrenowned tailor into the palace for Abdulhamid’s daughters and nieces. Ms. Sara.

I suggest you learn some tailoring.

I know the tailor Ester from Thessaloniki. Divine. Wait. Hope you get well soon, brother. It appears you’ve run off at the mouth. You started speaking about everything everywhere. Good heavens! What’s wrong brother? Am I lying? What’s the matter, young men? It’s nothing, brother. It’s Yusuf’s blabber. He speaks about inappropriate things.

Brother Ferman, I only exposed a lover.

That is my only crime. This is a matter I am keeping inside. I wouln’t dare speak about it in public. No matter how much a rose tree tries to prove that it’s not a rose tree it won’t be able to convince the thorns on it, Omer. Well said, brother Ferman! I don’t know. How will I show the girl my interest? Is she propitious towards me?

How will I find out Leyla’s mother dies.

The next day, a repast is hosted. Leyla serves the food to the guests with her own hands. When Mecnun receives the news, he hurries to her. He sees everyone waiting in line. So, he takes a plate and joins the queue. Mecnun’s goal is not to eat, but to see Leyla. When Mecnun’s turn arrives Leyla looks at the extended plate and the hands holding it.

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