Haci Bayram Veli Series With English SubtitlesHaci Bayram Veli Series With English Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series With English Subtitles He came to see me and you stopped him? Because if Mustafa had loved you, he would have been in bed. Understand the thing, Mustafa just caused you to be harmed.Its sole purpose is to use my influence¬† That’s why he won you.Take away your legs in Orbully. Don’t talk like that, it’s not right. Keep this in mind.You are my daughter, you have to be stronger. From now on we will fight side by side. Together like a father’s daughter.

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I understand you want time. You consider the conclusion that I am saying very well. You will be a life of illusions. He doesn’t even love you as a particle, Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 In English Subtitles understand the thing. He snatched your legs by winning your heart. I can’t sleep. Don’t be in my mind when I wake up. You understand your enemy again. Why don’t you remember man? It’s in the safest part of my memory. I was terrified of the sound of electricity. You came and sat me down. Sir. He kidnapped Abdullah.

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They were asking me questions about Boris Zahrias. They were going to kill me and Abdullah. Meanwhile, four more masked men came in and attacked them. And there Abdullah Afandi was abducted and killed. They shot the two. Kurulus Osman Season 4 In English Subtitles And I ran to tell you. If Abdullah had something happened, Ali. So I will burn all of Istanbul.Boris Zehrias is your throat fork. You will know nothing about Boris Zahrias. Because he is an expert in deleting the marks behind him.

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And you are very clear. Why did you save me? Say that I wanted to get rid of Ali and Mustafa. Ali and Mustafa saved me and I saved you. Haci Bayram Veli Series With English Dailymotion Were they Boris’s men? Abdullah Afandi.You are very hostile in Istanbul. If I were your place, I would be very careful. Boris’s real name is rich. Boris’s real name is rich, rich. And if you guys don’t interfere with my work, I’ll do everything soon. Calm down Mustafa. We will draw Abdullah with the help of Allah. Who can do this?

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Where to start now? It is not needed, dear friend. I’m fine Mustafa. Thank God I’m fine. We were very upset, who did it? Just smile, sir, see the wisdom of Allah. Haci Bayram Veli Series With English Facebook He robbed us Ali.He snatched his memory and made him the enemy of Mustafa. And our hands were tied to the feet. This thing is not going well. Patience is the key to salvation.See where you got through patience. The rest will solve the time. You know what the real problem is?

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The problem is that justice is late.Despite knowing this to me.That Mustafa is innocent. My heart burns to say that I was forced to make a decision to hang out for Mustafa. I was forced because. I do not prove that the evidence is fabricated and the witnesses are false. Now we believe in someone being guilty but we have difficulty proving his guilt.It is late in justice. It’s annoying for me. Don’t be late in justice. Using illegitimate tactics is a great sin. Time is going through very difficult.

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But tomorrow is a new day. May Allah be our supporter and Nasir. What did you do when my friend was dead? I don’t understand goat. In my brother’s John Kaballey. How many officers did you kill? Flinta Mustafa and Khangrwala Ali were all about to kill us. Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English Subtitles So did you kill them ? Did you kill any of them? Well I’m asking you what you did then? After my brother’s death. You both ran without looking back.I now have an excuse for Flinta Mustafa and Khunjrulyak.

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People who saved Abdullah Afandi got them out of town? According to your order, iblah. But do these precautionary measures need? Absolutely needed Adam Afandi. Last day, if not the typhas and the aliens, we would die. Why ?Because we did not take precautionary measures properly. Got it, but I have good news for you. Today, all the documents that dispose of Boris Zahrias will come to our hands That’s good, high Abdullah.I have an effect, I don’t remember anything brother.

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And your intention to kill me? I don’t remember it either. Dude, they wiped out my memory, I don’t remember anything. I tell you, sir. I went to the district registry office. The page on which Boris should be recorded was cut off. Then I went to the former lawyer. He had no specific information about Boris. All he said was that he suddenly appeared from somewhere and progressed in Glatta. Ask him out well if he will do so. Boris’s right arm was a man at the time. Leave Hamdi for me.

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Then I went to see Hamdi, and the same time. We were attacked.If this woman didn’t have a man, you would have been watching me in the morgue right now. Who is that woman? A beautiful and kind woman. He said something important. Boris Zahrias is a thorn of your throat for you. If you don’t interfere, I’ll do everything Boryz Zahrias soon.

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He has asked us to stop chasing Boris Zahrias. We know this woman. Leave this woman to me. This telegraph was received from Germany today. No one knows that the files have received us. I will destroy you without holding a sword, through just a few papers What if Boris Zahrias establishes this bank?

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All the wealth and trade secrets of the empire will come to his hands. Al-Hawana will be very strong. And if he’s a number two man. So the Ottoman Empire will cause trouble.

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