Hay Sultan Turkish Series in English Subtitles

TV series “Hay Sultan.” that revolves around the characters Abdulkadir Geylani and Ashraf, as well as their journey and experiences in Baghdad.

Plot: The story follows these characters as they navigate their journey and the challenges they encounter. Abdulkadir Geylani, after emerging from his seclusion, becomes involved in addressing the chaos and issues within the city of Baghdad, presumably by advocating for justice and rights.

Overview of Hay Sultan

Yarınkuş entrusts important information to Eşref to convey to the caliph but the way to Baghdad, Eşref is attacked by bandits that leads him to Gilani. Gilani observes the prevalent poverty in the city, neglected by the administration. Gilani mitigates an instigation and pens a letter to Amir. Ashraf is accused of betrayal and is wanted dead by Amir.

Ashraf takes refuge in Gilani’s lodge but he is not welcome. As Ashraf teaches Sofia the language, Sofia sends him a handkerchief saying that she likes him. When Vizier Azam announces that Mansur has been given the position of vizier and asks him to gift his concubine Sofia to him, Ashraf comes up with a plan to prevent Sofia from being given to him.

How to watch Hay Sultan online?

The series “Hay Sultan” is available with English subtitles on the KayiFamily platform. You can follow these steps to watch it:

  1. Visit KayiFamily: Go to the KayiFamily website at KayiFamily.Net.
  2. Episodes List: You’ll find a complete list of episodes there.
  3. Search for the Series: Click on any episode of “Hay Sultan
  4. Select the Series: This will open a new page where you can watch the series.
  5. English Language: Click the Play Button and the series will be equipped with hardcore subtitles.
  6. Enjoy the Series: Start watching and enjoy the series with English subtitles!

These detailed instructions should help our viewers easily navigate and enjoy “Hay Sultan” with English subtitles on the KayiFamily platform. Happy watching!

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