History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 1

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 1

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 1 Usman Ghazi had appointed his son and Han Ghazi as his successor at the time of his death. And Han Ghazi was about twelve years old at that time. And he had attained the skill and perfection under the supervision of Usman Ghazi in the art of Usman Ghazi.

Usman Ghazi’s second son Allauddin had spent all his time in the Tehsil of Uloom Dinia.

However, after the death of Usman Ghazi and Han Ghazi expressed his willingness to divide the kingdom but Allauddin refused to do so. And only accepted the post of ministry on the mystery of Han kingdom. After becoming the minister of Ottoman, Allauddin paid special attention to three things, clothes and army.

Although Sultan Allauddin Saljuki’s Qibbad Som

allowed Usman Ghazi to issue a coin of his name in addition to the sermon, Usman Ghazi was content only with the sermon and did not issue a coin of himself and Han Ghazi’s throne. At that time, only Seljuk coins were valid in all Asia Minor. Now Allauddin has also taken this privilege of monarchy and issued coins in the name of Orhan in the Islamic State. In addition, Allauddin gave different clothes for different classes of Raya. Suggested and enforced the laws related to them.History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 1

Civil and rural Muslim and non-Muslim have been

appointed a separate dress for each class, but the greatest achievement of Allauddin are those military terms that increased the power of the Ottoman. Empire suddenly and which guaranteed its amazing victories for three hundred years. In the era of Ertugrul Ghazi and Usman, there was no regular army.but it was a custom that when a war was about to break out, it was announced first that the person who wanted to participate .in the fight should be present at that place every day. So these volunteer riders gather at the appointed time and place and go back to their homes after the fighting was over

They did not receive any salary, but whatever they received

was the compensation for their service. They did not have any specific uniform. Indeed, these soldiers were high class brave men and lined up with strength like a wall. They used to advance in the battlefield. So Allauddin created the Ottoman Empire. After becoming a minister, he formed an army of paid pedestrians whose name was born.History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 1

The salaries of these infidels were very high, but it was not

long before that these infidels developed a sense of their power and their rebellion began to cause concern for themselves and Han Ghazi, so Han Ghazi changed these situations. While watching, consulted with Allauddin and Kara Khalil, who later became famous as Khairuddin Pasha, what they suggested not only satisfies the pedestrians but also the pace of Ottoman conquests for the next three centuries.

A flood force Atta Kikara Khalil suggested was.To select a number of strong and talented boys aged ten twelve from the Christian war prisoners and admit them to Islam and then give them regular military education. A permanent army should be formed.

Orhan Ghazi liked this opinion very much and he selected a thousand

Christian boys and started giving them military education. Fulfilled by the boys of Christian Raya, but this system changed under the reign of Sultan Muhammad Rabaa, after that the same soldiers and Turkish boys are being added to this army.History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 1

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi | 2nd Sultan Of the Ottoman Empire Part 2

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