History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 2

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 2

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 2 The name of this army was Yenichri) i.e. the new army.) In the early three centuries of the Ottoman Empire, the era of its rise and progress. The power of Yenichri was at its peak. And Han Ghazi in the first year of his rule after taking the throne. Naiko Media Captured.

The city of Bursa which they had conquered a few months ago. From the Asian occupation of the Byzantine Empire, Nigeria was now the only major city left. A very important city for the Byzantines. And Han Ghazi also besieged it. And in thirteen hundred and thirty AD, he was also conquered and added to the Ottoman Empire.

The emir of the state of Krasi died in 13 hundred and thirty three AD.

After his death, civil war erupted among his sons. Taking advantage of this civil war, Orhan Ghazi attacked Krasi and included it in the Ottoman Empire. Lia. Then Orhan Ghazi attacked and added them to his occupation and a few small Turkish states in the northwestern corner of Anatolia. The population of Krasi and other Turkish states mostly consisted of Turks but a certain number in the coastal areas It was also of the Greeks who converted to Islam like most of the inhabitants of Barossa and Naissia

After these victories, there has been no war for almost twenty years and Orhan Ghazi was busy in completing the organization of the national and military constitution with full attention. He established peace and order in the whole country, and various magnificence of mosques, madrassas and public welfare. Build buildings in Barosa, build a magnificent mosque, a large madrassah and a royal hospital. After leaving the internal arrangements of the kingdom, Khan Ghazi turned to Europe and spent the last few years of his life in the European regions of the Byzantine Empire. A Got wasted trying to make steps.

The Byzantine Empire had become very weak at the time.

Its occupations which stretched for centuries across Europe in the Danube and Asia to Anatolia and Syria. Were now limited to just a few cities. The Asian occupation was occupied by the Ottomans. And in Europe, the Serbian ruler Stephen had established his dominance over half of the Balkan Peninsula. The internal affairs of the Byzantine empire and civil wars had weakened him even more in 18 AD. When Emperor Constantine Andronix III died, his Queen Anna and her minor son John V sat on the throne of Constantine

Kentakozin belonged to his son, but after some time,

Kentakozin announced his monarchy. It was very uncomfortable for Queen Anna and a civil war broke out between them to get the throne in this civil war. Kentakozin And Queen Anna, both asked for help from Orhan Ghazi, but Orhan Ghazi helped Canta Kozin and sent six thousand Turkish soldiers to help him. Kenta Kozin besieged Constantine with the help of the Turks and a year later in Constantine. Entered as a winner History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 2

Queen Anna was forced to reconcile with Kenta Cousin

and reconciliation was made in such a way that Kenta Cousine and his wife and on the other hand Queen Anna and her son all four jointly sat on the throne Kenta Cousine to strengthen the alliance with Queen Anna For gave the relationship of one of his daughters to his son John the Fifth and Han Ghazi in order to strengthen the alliance with the Turks and gave the relation of one of his daughter to Han Ghazi in the 13th century AD, Stephen King of Serbia invaded Salonia

After occupying Thessaloniki he wanted to invade

Constantine and he was sure that on this critical occasion Kentakozin and Queen Anna would ask for help from the Turks, so that happened and Kentakozin & Queen Anna asked for help from Orhan Ghazi this time Orhan Ghazi sent twenty thousand soldiers with whom Stephen was defeated in Thessalonica and the idea of the victory of Constantine that was born again and again in his heart is now gone forever.History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi Part 2

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