History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi

History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi¬† ¬†2nd Sultan Of the Ottoman Empire Part 3 The Ottoman troops were called back after defeating Stephen. But after four years, and Han Ghazi got another chance to send his troops to the west coast of the Ababaaz Force. Which proved to be the reason for the Ottomans to step into Europe. He’s like this Kaynta cousine could not stand Queen Anna and her son John V in the throne any longer. And in the 13th century AD he wanted to take all government authority in his own hands. But because of the intense opposition to John V the House The war has begun.

Qinta Kozin again sought help from Orhan Ghazi as per the order.

And in return he offered him a fort on the European coast. And Han Ghazi sent twenty thousand soldiers led by his eldest son Suleiman Pasha. With whose help Kinta Kuzin k*illed Jan the fifth. Defeated and occupied the throne of Constantine. Sulaiman Pasha, as agreed, captured Fort Tzeinp (Cimpe) and appointed the Ottoman troops. A few days after that, an earthquake struck in Thresse, causing damage to many cities and their walls collapsed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Sulaiman Pasha proceeded

to seize the fortress of Gallipoli. After that he conquered a few more places of Thresse and brought many Turks and Arabs to settle them in the occupation. Gallipoli The victory of Polly began a new era in Turkic history. In the 13th century AD they stepped into Europe as a victor for the first time. And laid the foundation of a magnificent Islamic kingdom in Christian Europe. Which within two centuries Gali Polly. From the walls of Vienna spread. These events sparked fierce outrage in Constantine against Canta Kosin.

The one that took the shape of an uprising and revolution. Everyone accuses Kenta Kosin of treason and blamed him for bringing the Turks to Europe. Finally, he was forced by public opinion and resigned from the throne. And after that John V became the throne, John V ruled for fifty years, but in this long period, the state of the kingdom worsened day by day and the dominance of the Turks increased. Even after John V became the ruler, the Turks still maintained their Continued victories and snatched many forts from the Byzantines

Finally, the Emperor of Constantine was forced to reconcile with

Han Ghazi and accept all these occupations. After that, the Byzantine Empire remained as if a traitorous government of the Ottoman Empire, and Han Ghazi ruled for almost thirty years during his reign. The Turkish states were vastly expanded. They not only conquered the rest of the Byzantine territories of Asia Minor, but later included the Turkish states to the Ottoman Empire. They entered Europe and conquered a portion of Thresse. Which led to the Ottoman conquests in the continent Had a fantastic start

The army and the constitution upon which the greatness of the Ottoman

Empire was established. They laid its foundation with their own hands. Usman Ghazi was not more than a rich man. But the achievements of Orhan Ghazi had proved him entitled to a kingdom. 138 AD Me and Han Ghazi’s son Suleiman Pasha fell from a horse while playing hunting and died. Sulaiman Pasha and Han Ghazi were also the successor of him. And they loved him so much. And Han Ghazi could not bear the shock of Sulaiman Pasha’s death and the second year Passed away.History Of Sultan Orhan Gazi

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