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Ibn Sina Avicenna Episode 1

Experience Ibn Sina Avicenna Episode 1 with English Subtitles, available now for free streaming! Immerse yourself in the world of Ibn Sina, the eminent philosopher and physician of the Islamic realm. Witness his extraordinary journey as he weaves together diverse threads of thought, bridging the gap between Greek antiquity and early Islam. Explore his meticulously crafted scientific system that not only encompasses reality but also sheds light on the nuances of revealed religion, its theology, and mystical interpretations.

Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna (ca. 970–1037), was a prominent philosopher and physician from the Islamic world. In his works, he intricately wove together various strands of philosophical and scientific thought from Greek late antiquity and the early Islamic period. This synthesis resulted in a logically rigorous and internally coherent scientific framework that encompassed and elucidated all aspects of reality. This encompassed not only the principles of revealed religion, but also its theological and mystical interpretations. Ibn Sina’s system marks the apex of the Hellenic tradition, which had faded in Greek intellectual circles by the sixth century, only to be revitalized in the Arabic context of the 9th century (Gutas 2004a, 2010). This intellectual paradigm held sway over Islamic intellectual life for many centuries, spurring a range of responses that varied from endorsement to modification, from rejection to substitution with alternative philosophical constructs. These varied reactions profoundly influenced the trajectories of philosophy, science, religion, theology, and mysticism.

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