KizilElma Episode 7

How to watch KIZILELMA Episode 7 with English Subtitles For Free! Where should you watch KIZILELMA: Bir Fetih Öyküsü (A Story of Conquest) online with English Subtitles for Free!

KizilElma with English Subtitles
KizilElma with English Subtitles

Introduction:KIZILELMA: Bir Fetih Öyküsü,” translated as “A Story of Conquest,” is a captivating historical TV show that delves into the intriguing world of the Ottoman Empire. This post will provide an overview of the show’s premise, characters, and the historical context it portrays.”

Plot Summary: “At the heart of ‘KIZILELMA’ is the story of Ottoman Sultan II. Murad’s order to bring the renowned doctor Akshemseddin to the palace. The show follows the path of Akshemseddin’s journey as he becomes the Lala of Shahzade Mehmed. This marks the beginning of a legendary tale that intertwines the destinies of both Mehmed and Akshemseddin.”

Historical Context: “The show is set against the backdrop of the Ottoman Empire, offering viewers a glimpse into the political and social dynamics of that era. It provides an opportunity to explore the intricate workings of the empire’s council and the role that figures like Akshemseddin played in shaping the empire’s history.”


  • Sultan II. Murad: Portrayed as a powerful ruler, Sultan II. Murad’s decisions drive the narrative forward.
  • Akshemseddin: The renowned doctor who becomes the Lala of Shahzade Mehmed, serving as a central character in the story.
  • Shahzade Mehmed: His journey and growth are closely intertwined with Akshemseddin’s guidance.
  • Supporting Characters: Various historical figures and individuals contribute to the complexity of the story.

KIZILELMA: Bir Fetih Öyküsü Episodes List

Here is the complete Episodes list of KIZILELMA: Bir Fetih Öyküsü where you can watch with English subtitles.

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 8
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