Kurulus Osman Episode 132 2nd Trailer Out

Years have passed since the Bapheus Victory. Osman Bey’s children grew up and became lords. Osman Bey, on the other hand, continues his conquests for the ideal of Bursa.

In this ideal, Malhun Hatun is always with Osman Bey. Which castle will be Osman Bey’s first target for the conquest of Bursa?

While Osman Bey was preparing for the conquest, the news from Konya hit the palace like lightning. Sultan Mesud was poisoned. The arrow is out of the bow. An informal struggle has begun to elect the Sultan of the Turks.

Bala Hatun is writhing in pain. He could not recover after Halime’s death. Will Bala Hatun, who has a serious illness, recover?

Germiyanoğlu Yakup Bey establishes a large market on the border of Yenişehir and Germiyan. In this market, an assassination attempt is made on Yakup Bey. The assassin will be marked as Kayi. What will Yakup Bey do now? Will the Sultanate race between them and Osman Bey turn into a blood feud?

While the Anatolian Beys are searching for a new sultan, Vasilis, an insidious enemy, will do anything to resurrect Rome. What is Vasilis’ extreme dirty plan?

Osman Bey sends his son Alaeddin Bey to Konya upon the news that Sultan Mesud was poisoned. Yakup Bey’s daughter also arrived in Konya as soon as she heard the news. What will happen between Alaeddin and Gonca? 

What are they after? As soon as Germiyanoğlu Bey, Yakup Bey, received the news that Sultan Mesud was poisoned, he aspired to become the Turk’s Sultan. What move will Yakup Bey make to become the Sultan of the Turks?

As Konya weakened, the irregulars coming from there settled in Uçlar. Orhan Bey invites these irregulars, who call themselves Sanjaksız, to go to war behind Osman Bey. The news that Orhan Bey went to Sancaksız hunting ground also reaches the ears of Yakup Bey’s son Mehmet.

While Anatolia and the borders are in the midst of a big fight, someone who is a breath of fresh air with his poems comes to Yenişehir. Yunus Emre! How will Yunus Emre affect the hearts of Osman Bey and his household?


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