Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Got Best Ratings of this Week

“Kuruluş Osman,” with its 135th episode, achieved a 7.12% rating and a 19.98% audience share in the overall viewership category.

In the 20+ABC1 category, it secured a 7.56% rating and a 19.50% audience share, while in the AB category, it became the top-watched series with a 5.73% rating and a 16.12% audience share.

Rating Analysis for “Kuruluş Osman” Episode 135

Engaging Plot Some Characters’ Storylines may feel rushed or underdeveloped
Strong Character Development Pacing Issues in Certain Scenes
Impressive Action Sequences Predictable Plot Twists for Experienced Viewers
High Viewer Ratings and Shares Inclusion of Historical Inaccuracies
Effective Use of Social Media
Outstanding Performances by Cast

Kuruluş Osman” Episode 135 Best Ratings

RankViewership CategoryRatingAudience ShareSocial Discussion
🏆 1stOverall7.12%19.98%💬
🏆 1st20+ABC17.56%19.50%💬
🏆 1stAB5.73%16.12%💬

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Plot

The episode featured Osman Bey facing a crisis with the Mongols, and Yunus Emre delivered a significant lesson on justice by narrating a story about Ukkaşe and the rights of others. Bala Hatun learned about the issue between Alaeddin and Gonca from Fatma Hatun and suspected it might be a trap.

Meanwhile, Üstat Gera and Vasilis relentlessly planned to drench Söğüt in blood as their first target. Üstat Gera’s men infiltrated Söğüt disguised as traders to harm Osman Bey and the people. Bala Hatun, distributing food to the people, defended Söğüt with all her might.

Despite Alaeddin Bey’s attempt to keep his tired and ill mother away from the battle, Bala Hatun insisted, declaring, “Söğüt is entrusted to me, my son! Anyone who tries to burn Söğüt, we scatter their ashes!

We’ll do it again with Allah’s permission!” During Osman Bey’s journey to pay taxes to the Mongols, he encountered an unexpected situation as the Mongol Commander took the gold but had no intention of letting Osman Bey go.


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