Kurulus Osman Season 1 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 In English Subtitles I don’t want you to have anything. How do we defend the invasion of the Seljukites after their death؟ I have also been thought about it. Obviously, this can’t happen with a handful of people. Behind us, the more powerful, Byzantine standsHurry up, catch them right away. From this side, hurry up. He’s running, let’s hurry.

Immediately spread everywhere. Looking for us؟ The Kerp market is on this side, come on. They will be on to us soon, Holy. Should hurry. Right now that you smelled, it’s a rose. The famous city is made from the roses of Shiraz. Is there a scent of the wood tree؟ Do you like the scent of the anod tree more or the janber.

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Come on, Carp has to go to the market, come on. Coming from this side too, brother. They have a high number. There is no place to run in front of you. Come on, from that side, come on. We will not take the siege of Vasporakan. Rather, it will push the dagger in its heart ( heart ).

As soon as the dawn prayer is called, we will kill all the important people in the castle. Our army will go to Vasporakan. And if our contingent came to the eye.  Now our troops will stay in the coming. You wait to head the troops. And you will come to the castle as my guest. Start moving inside when i say so. As soon as the news is found, take the troops along the door of Vasporakan. It is clear that Arcelan is a counterfeiter called Basiseri.

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Now it will be difficult to move in the city. It has been deserted for a long time, sir. The men of Basiseri will not come here. Go to the Minister of Hazrat, Muhab. There is no doubt that they will avoid the cruelty of the Bohi rioters. The city of Baghdad and the Caliph. Artok and Alpagot should have reached this point. Go and look on the sides. Put them in the bals of the Nexus. You should be the ox of hours, the nasal.

First the Sultan called the flood. And now Prince Alp Arslan is in Baghdad. What could not do with the Sultan. Who sought help from the prince؟ The Sultan’s case is different. And the prince’s case is different. Arcelan Basiseri. Kill me, don’t always think this oppression will go. From the streets of the city we drove all your soldiers out.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 In English Subtitles

I must take your life ؟ Your oppression, the government and even your age are to end one day, Basisiri. Now who will save you from my hands, yes ? Who will save you from my hands. When oppression grows, it ends. Who is near and who is starting, we know. You are not able to confess my government؟ Let’s pray now that Prince Alp Arsalan comes and saves you from my whip.

So my whip will fix you. Even your cursed caliph will beg in my feet to avoid my whip. No problem has occurred. Nothing bad would have happened, these shaullah؟ The men of Besseri ambushed the minister’s house. He has been arrested and taken to Basisiri. And took us away from sight to kill a place. And killing you, they went to hell themselves.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 12

What has happened, now we will take out a way and get the minister out of the bull of this riotous devil. How will it, Holy? The caliph to the Hazrat, You’re here, in a prince’s here, is it right for this old girl to sit on the throne. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 10 In English Subtitles How are you here like this؟ The Saffria woman is no longer Qaraqhani. Aren’t traditions clear, sister-in-law? Arcelan is not here, the order is with his lady. Alp Arsalan Sahib will probably never return, Erbaskan. Who are these, Arslan Yusuf Sahib؟ Guests from Bukhara are guests. The Safria woman has made her room. Welcome your guests to your subordinate base, Arcelan Yusuf.

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