Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 15 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 15 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 15 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 15 In English Subtitles And now you’re on the throne of Vasporakan, aren’t you؟ Your destiny will be stumbled, and your throne will be broken. My khawad is “M Muhammad Alp Arsalan, son of Chagari Sahib. And in the absence of Khunad, I will defend his reputation and government, Oqi woman. Instead of engaging in the government of Vasporacan.

Are all Azerbaijan yours and the people of Khazar settled in your hearts? I will not ask you for permission to stay or leave anywhere. Until yesterday you reversed the whole world not to get married؟, And now I’m doing the title I have. My khawan is not here, so the government and the throne are mine too.

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Don’t force me to teach the limit. Get out of the front of me. This soldier has to tell you something, Sir. Get out of our hands. And he killed all our men. Deploy a man in all the important places in the city. And increase the number of guards. Alp Arslan will not reach the “Ibn Abbas” caliph of Baghdad. So Alp Arsalan let you go with your hand, isn’t it؟, Sir? Don’t, Sir.

I have made you work to do, not to kill soldiers or gossip. But in the letter sent, you did not explain why we have come here؟. At dawn tomorrow, Vasporakan will be ours. I called you for Jesse. From now on, we will have a new army. It will be difficult for these works from these troops, Sir. We will not take the siege of Vasporakan.

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You wait to head the troops. And you will come to the castle as my guest. When we start moving inside, as soon as the news is found, take the troops along the door of Vasporakan. Arcelan is a counterfeiter called Basiseri. The bodies of the soldiers sent behind us have been found. Now it won’t be easy to move into the city, as before. This house has been deserted for a long time, Sir.

The men of Basiseri will not come here. Go to the Minister of Hazrat, Muhab. There is no doubt that they will avoid the cruelty of the Bohi rioters. The city of Baghdad and the Caliph will also survive. Artwork and Alpagot should have reached this point. Go and look on the sides.

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What could not do with the Sultan? Who sought help from the prince؟? The Sultan’s case is different. And the prince’s case is another. Arcelan Basiseri. Kill me, don’t always think this oppression will go. From the streets of the city, we drove all your soldiers out. I must take your life ؟ Your oppression, the government, and even your age are to end one day, Basisiri. Now who will save you from my hands, yes

؟ Who will save you from my hands؟? When oppression grows, it ends; let’s know. Who is near and who is starting, we know. So that is, you cannot confess my government؟. Let’s pray that Prince Alp Arsalan comes and saves you from my whip.

If you are not gently healed. So my whip will fix you. Even your cursed caliph will beg in my feet to avoid my whip. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 In English Subtitles Allow so that O’Brien and I go to find them. No problem has occurred. Nothing wrong would have happened, this shaullah؟. The men of Besseri ambushed the minister’s house. He has been arrested and taken to Basisiri. And took us away from sight to kill a place.

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