Kurulus Osman Season 5 Stars: Special Interview

Kurulus Osman Season 4 was a rollercoaster of excitement and challenges for Özge Törer, who brilliantly portrays the beloved character Bala Hatun, the wife of Osman Bey. In this exclusive interview, Özge shares her thoughts on her experience in Season 4 and gives us a glimpse of what awaits us in the highly anticipated Season 5.

How was Season 4 for you, Bala Hatun?

I can actually say that Season 4 is one of the best seasons for me. There was a lot of effort. The excitement is increasing. It was actually very challenging and calm for me. Very opposite. What awaits us in terms of your character? Great changes await. I would like to say it, but it might be better to taste it by watching it. There are incredibly beautiful changes. Maybe a little painful, maybe a little happy.

  • How does it feel to work with Turkey’s largest and most successful team?

A: It’s a beautiful feeling. The atmosphere we have now feels so good outside of our worldly work that I am very happy about it. I’m trying my best. It motivates me more. I am very happy to be in such a world, both as an actor and as Özge.

  • It is a series with 130 episodes at its peak. Does this cause even a little stress for you as an actor?

Actually no. 130 episodes may seem like a lot, but time flows in such a way that, in some cases, we naturally have concerns. But it’s not a bad stress. On the contrary, it gives us determination and pride.

New Character: Alaeddin Bey, Ömer Faruk Aran

  • What can you tell us about your character, Alaeddin Bey?

Alaeddin is a character that stands out with his intelligence. We can say that his intelligence is as sharp as his sword. He has a different perspective compared to other characters. He evaluates events differently, produces different solutions, and approaches from a more rational perspective. He is already a scientist. He was one of the rare people of that era.

Have you been watching Establishment Osman?

  • I was watching and following from time to time. I knew the events, I knew what was going on.

How did you feel when you received the offer to play Alaeddin Bey?

I’m so excited. I really liked that he was the son of Osman Bey, that he had a really important place in history, that he was very active in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, that he was the first vizier, and that he was a person who was truly loved by people. We had an exciting preparation process. We are ready now for horse riding, sword wielding, action scenes, and archery shooting. I was more experienced than other friends in shooting horses, swords, and arrows. Thanks to my previous job, Destan. It wasn’t too difficult because I learned there.

Legend Character of Orhan Bey, Emre Bey.

  • How do you feel about portraying Orhan Bey, a living historical character?

A: Since he is a living character, I won’t be able to add much of my own interpretation. But I can say that they will watch an Orhan with lots of action. I was happy and excited when the offer came. It made me happy that they thought of me for such a historical work and such a character. Horse, sword, arrow… I received every kind of action-related training you can think of. We still continue training about the character from time to time.

When I first put on the costume for the character, I really felt like I went back to that period. It automatically gives you the impression of standing upright and placing one’s hand on one’s knee, and this is a sweet and pleasant thing.

What about the challenges of your role?

A: It’s not the most challenging thing, actually, the work we do is really difficult from start to finish. While you don’t understand how difficult it is while watching it, once you get into it, it’s something else. Swords, horses, arrows, they were all very challenging, but I enjoyed them all. That’s why I can’t say I had a hard time. It is very enjoyable for me.

Kurulus Osman’s Daughter Fatma Hatun, by Leya Kırşan.

  • Can you tell us about your character, Fatma Hatun?

My character is actually a very sweet character. He has a very affectionate, slightly mischievous attitude. She is a character who is very fond of his father, brother, and family. Yes, I was following. I believed it was a very good job. I am very pleased. It’s a great job, I was following it before. I think it’s an honor to be involved in this business. I believe it will be a very good season.

I also portrayed the character in my own mind. What would Fatma Hatun do? How would he react in such a situation? Thinking like Fatma Hatun, the character settled in my mind. This is such a beautiful place with incredible workmanship. I was very surprised how such a big place could be. It’s like a city here.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 promises to be a thrilling continuation of the epic series, with new characters and exciting developments on the horizon. Özge Törer and the entire cast are enthusiastic and dedicated to bringing this historical drama to life, making it a must-watch for fans of the series.


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