Kuruluş Osman’s Bala Hatun, Özge Törer, Answers Your Questions

“Hello, I’m Özge Törer. Today, I will answer your questions. Let’s get started.”

How did you feel during the first meeting and then the audition for Kurulus Osman?

So, there were two distinct feelings that I clearly remember. Firstly, there was a sense of worry; I was quite anxious, wondering if I could handle the stress that might come with it. Secondly, there was this sweet happiness within me, as if I was certain that it was going to happen. It was a feeling of hope, or you could call it optimism. When it did happen, I started working with such happiness, but still with a sense of disbelief.

Which personality trait or characteristic of Bala do you like the most?

Of course, first and foremost, I love her courage. She has a fearless side to her, a warrior spirit, a strong and empowered woman. Besides that, she has a sweet innocence and a genuine goodwill that comes from a good place. I mostly love these two aspects about her.

Which line or quote from Bala is your favorite?

I loved the line “Allah is with those who are patient”, which I love the most. Because I used patience in my daily life.

What was your favorite scene to play?

It was that scene in the headquarters. It was the scene where Bala faced a tough battle against Olof and the Franks, raised her horse, and took on a leadership role. It was that scene, and I really loved the entirety of those scenes.

Which fellow actor did you enjoy working with the most in terms of on-screen chemistry?

I enjoy working and playing alongside everyone in this project, whether it’s with Burak or Yıldız… For instance, right now, with Almila, who plays Bengi Hatun, and many other actors. That’s why I can’t pick just one person. I actually enjoy working with everyone.

It’s the kind of job where everyone has to be organized, so I can’t really single out one as the most organized; we all need to be organized in this line of work.

There isn’t anyone who is consistently late. We have never experienced any delays unless there is an urgent situation.

Who is the most lively? Me. I try to do everything quickly; I have a sense of urgency, that’s right.

Have you had any weird on-set moments?

There was indeed an unusual moment on set. Osman and Bala had a horse race. I think it was the second one, or was it the first? I can’t recall which season it was, but we were on a beautiful hillside. We were coming from there, and there was a part under the greenery, essentially a cliff.

There were trees, but we couldn’t see it. The camera was shooting from above, and the crew couldn’t see it. We hadn’t planned to go all the way there. We just went with the horses. I went all the way to the edge of the hillside, and then Burak turned in front of me and pushed me this way.

If it hadn’t been a matter of a millimeter, I would have rolled off the cliff.

Was there a scene where you had to stop laughing?

In two out of the three scenes, I definitely find myself laughing. In one of them, I must be holding myself back. It’s probably because I was very tired at that moment. But besides that, in all other scenes, I can’t help but laugh because my diaphragm is quite low. When I start laughing, I can’t hold myself back; it’s a struggle to keep from laughing.

Who makes you laugh the most on set?

I can say that I’m the one who makes everyone laugh the most. It’s because I feel a bit uncomfortable. My energy level is very high. If I throw a stone and the other person catches it, we start laughing like this, but usually, I’m the one who initiates it.

If you could give Bala Hatun one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would advise her not to be too trusting and not to always see the good in everyone. I would probably suggest tempering her goodwill a bit.

If you weren’t playing Bala Hatun, what role would you like to play?

I guess I wouldn’t want to. I would stay at Bala Hatun, yes.

How did you feel on the first day of the set? How is it going now?

The first day on set is a bit hazy in my mind. I was very excited, trying to focus, and also beginning to explore. My excitement was intense, to say the least, but now that excitement is in a more controlled place.

Have you ever had a moment that made you say “I’m glad my profession is acting?”

So, as long as I am at my job, I am actually grateful for it at every moment. I am glad that my profession is acting.

What do you miss most about your childhood?

Those times when I used my childish naivety and played with my toys, my friends. We used to have a neighborhood culture, but nowadays we don’t have that anymore.

We used to have a neighborhood culture, but nowadays we don’t have that anymore. So I know from my own brother. But I miss the times when we played for hours in that neighborhood so much that those times seem very precious to me now.

Which animal best describes your personality?

So I don’t know if it’s because of my zodiac sign or because I carry so many of its characteristics? Lion.

I love his stance, his nobility, his authority. I guess I feel that way in myself, I’m one of those felines. On the one hand, it is very strong, but on the other hand, it is very sensitive and fragile.

What are the three emojis you use most often?

  • That emoji with hearts in its eyes. It’s my favourite
  • There is a fairy girl. I use it a lot too
  • nd I guess this is it. Gratitude emoji.

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten or tried?

I did not taste a very strange and different taste. Not particularly lately, as far as I remember.

If a video documentary was made about you, what music would you want to be played during the credits?

It could have been Sia’s Unstoppable. It’s one of the songs I routinely listen to in my daily life to get motivated, it would be great.

Do you have any magical qualities that you find superior to other people?

Even though I don’t see it as an advantage, I work hard. I try hard to do something. I am determined and ambitious, but of course let’s not describe this as a superior trait.

Have you ever had a nickname?

Yes its is Evet çilli. Freckled bom bom bom I was like this all the time. Because I have incredible freckles that appear immediately when I see the sun. They always called me freckled since I was little. Freckled, freckled.

What’s your weirdest obsession?

Actually, I’m not such an overly obsessed person. It happens from time to time that you experience something, a thought, etc., but I can’t give you an example that is that strange.

Which word do you use most during the day?

Thank you, I use it a lot. Thank you constantly. Thank you for everything, the universe.

Which people do you immediately remove from your life?

Disrespectful _____ So, I automatically stay away from people who exceed that limit.

Do you have a special talent that no one knows about?

I don’t think so, no one knows about it. We are trying to show what is already happening.

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