Kuslarla Yolculuk Series In English Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Series In English SubtitlesKuslarla Yolculuk Series In English Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Series In English Subtitles death of heaven How is this your condition? What is my condition? Have you just woke up? Right now or first, what difference does it make? What have you come for, what do you want? I. Prepare breakfast. I have prepared breakfast for this ( Paradise Taken ). Amy opened John? I am feeding. At least take it. Look, I’ve made fried peppers for Amy.

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Listen to me, go home. And don’t come again without my call, come on. Who wrote this madness, Commissioner ? My wife is a physical death. Medical reports prove this. What you are calling madness has been added as evidence to the request. Also, Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English Subtitles I have received it from your wife myself. By hingling the evidence, this woman is doing very wrong. Sit down, don’t forget where you are. I’m sorry, Commissioner. When I am talking to the killer. So man gets angry.

Kuslarla Yolculuk Series With English Subtitles

The one who is accused is not just an advocate. Neighbors, children and relatives. You can ask whatever you want. There is no basis for this letter. I can’t know. We have to take your statement. The rest will be decided by the deputy. Will you send me to jail because of the two lines written? My wife is empty of mind. Twice he had a stroke, twice. She had been heartbroken for years. You saw and knew. Do I look a killer? And the source of his death is known. Such, Commissioner ?

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Why are you looking at me like Shaheen, yes? You are too attacking. Or should I say: Are you too scared? I’ll be afraid of you, yes? Will you be afraid? Kuslarla Yolculuk Series In English Subtitles Facebook Sit in your place. Who are you to decide here, yes? And put it in jail so that his mind can return to his place. These are all allegations. There are pitchers over me. I have no fault, I did nothing. Since we have no order. So carry the rope and hang us. So that you can escape and so do I. I’m saying: I didn’t do anything. Why isn’t anyone believing me?

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What are you both watching ? Farida. Where is your khawan? Your mother burned me, burned me. Why not tell us anything? You calm down, Kuslarla Yolculuk Series In English Subtitles Kayifamily ask someone in a good way. You are definitely a poor person. Be your mother’s advocate. Ms. My mother has no advocacy. They don’t think they told you. What did my mother make an advocate? Where are Baba taking? Your father has been summoned by the prosecution for testimony. What are you accusing my dad? Not accused.

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Your mother has blamed your father for his death. And they want to be punished. You are annihilating in the grave. And I’m here. Together in joy and ghammy. Will compete. How will the period move forward now? The deputy will take your father’s statement tomorrow. You can also get information if needed. I saw in the records that you also had a brother, didn’t I? Of course, Khalil is smaller than me. We don’t meet him at all. It passed a long time to separate him from home. See, I suggest you. If you know something, don’t hide. Otherwise you will both be guilty. Don’t come from us like children.

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I understand you well, trying to scare us. But some things we know too. Moreover, there is no crime that we become guilty. That is, your mother is blaming your father and lying, isn’t she? Repentance. How can this be? My mother was heaven like her name. My mother was very sick. And at the last time their brain was not well. Given this, we should not be surprised by what their sit-ins. Look, I understand you both well. As old as you are, you are their daughters.

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The hardest thing for children is to choose between your parents. Tell anyone who knows the truth. We have nothing to tell. The old man cried with his head on my shoulder yesterday. My father wanted my mother until death. But your mother, Paradise. He said: They did not want death but to kill them. However, tomorrow we will know the truth. You don’t sleep yet? I was very worried about you. You suddenly went away. Elol has told me some things, but what happened?

The man has been arrested. I’m so tired, Amy. Must be hungry. I waited and ate sandwiches. Did we wake you up? In fact, I was not asleep. So what’s the problem? Has he started action on the man? He has been taken to prison.

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