Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 1 in English

Payitaht AbdulHamid Episode 10 in English Subtitles

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 2 Episode 18 in English Subtitles

Payitaht AbdulHamid Episode 10 in English Subtitles

Payitaht AbdulHamid Episode 10 in English Subtitles They want their friend’s graves from the cruel people. -They will lie with him. -I see. But we are also disturbed. Full of sorrow. There is someone who saw Samir die. But we don’t know where his grave is. Young man.

Please let me tell I admire you. I will show my ability when we find Samir’s body. I’m at your service, friend. We are in the same path. Being wonderful. The flocks of big animals and small ones. never get a jumbled, friend. We should find Samir and hold a funeral. We should put fire into young men’s hearts. Then we can sit and have a chat, friend.

You two stay here. You come with me. You’ll search thoroughly. Be on alert here. Soldiers! Soldiers! Give me, girl. You can get out. The real taste of hidden in the elegance of its presentation. -Enjoy it, my sovereign. -Please. My sovereign. I know about your problem. While you are working for the security of our country,.we don’t want to tire you with the issues of the harem. But it’s obvious. I’m sure that Abdulkadir’s.wish to break the engagement must have also saddened you. Does Abdulkadir have such an intention? Why don’t I know that? I thought you knew, my sovereign. I didn’t know, Lady Bidar.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 1 Episode 12 English Subtitles

What about breaking engagement? Does he think marriage is a game? -My sovereign. But. -No buts! My sultan. Pakize will get married to Abdulkadir. My sultan. You woke up, thank god. Do you want something, my sultan? Saffet gave me this, my sultan. Celal sent it. Kemaleddin Pasha. But we lost him in his last duty. -Lost who? -Celal. He passed away. My sultan.

Like my surprise when I first saw the stars as a child. Like my shock when I realized flames give pain. When I first saw you, I was surprised,.and then shocked. Forgive me, I your servant dare to write this letter to you. But I have terribly deep feelings for you. If your answer is negative,I will leave this land. Everywhere without you is the same for me.

A moment with you is heaven for me. Captain Celal.or Celal Effendi. We searched the place by your order, my sovereign. Nobody was there. Nothing but this owl drew my attention. My sovereign. As you know. they call you inappropriate things. May someone have left this owl implying that? Maybe, pasha. Maybe. One day, our prophet Mohammad.saw Ebu Cehil.

Ebu Cehil said. he didn’t see anyone as ugly as him in the Beni Haşim family. Our prophet said he was right. Then Ebubekir came. Your sun shines like a sun. I didn’t see anyone as beautiful as you in the world..he said. Our prophet said he was right. When people asked about the secret of the matter. I’m a mirror that god polished. The one looking at me sees himself. He said. Let’s see whose name this owl will sing.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 1 Episode 12 English Subtitles

Our sovereign is very angry, son. He won’t let you break the engagement. Give up on this idea, son. Don’t spoil our peace. Mother. My decision is absolute. I don’t want to oppose our sovereignty. But if I marry Pakize, neither of us will be happy. Our peace will be spoiled then.

Abdulkadir.  And you should stick to it. Mother. As you know., I have never wanted to get engaged with Pakize. I just submitted your wish. Until I saw Ahsen, what will we tell your father, my prince? I know. Father is angry with me. But I’m his prince no matter what. I will take his consent about this issue. I bought a present to please my father. Look.

The Mystery of Murder. Ahmet Mithat Effendi. I’m sure he will love it. And he will appreciate his prince’s kindness. But. I don’t think you can get rid of this issue, with this beautiful gift. I’m an owl. Muslim. Believer. Avoider. I found god in the servitude. Watch Payitaht AbdulHamid Episode 9 in English That one full of blessings has never left me hungry. He didn’t let my desire need anyone. You know it, pasha?

From Derviş Şemsettin. The Conversation of Birds. Good. A massive that was gifted to my grandfather Yavuz Sultan Selim. It talks with the language of birds. While we think the owl is a mighty animal.they used the owl to insult me.

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