Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 in English

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 in English Subtitles

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 in English SubtitlesPayitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 in English Subtitles

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 in English Subtitles What is Parvus sending from here? This is what matters. As you know, we cannot see them. I will deal with these passwords, pasha. Cane hitting sound Our main job is.what Parvus is after. Have you lost your mind, son? How can you hit Sabahattin Abdulkadir? Being a prince wasn’t enough, so now you’ve become my brotherinlaw ?

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 in English

What are you doing in casinos? Which question should I answer first? You’re not asking these questions to find out the answers though, are you? I’m waiting for all your answers. No, do you want to explain the situation to your father? Do you have a need? You have already made the necessary explanation. Abdulkadir. Abdulkadir! Breathing sound My God, how will this child get better?

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105

What should I do? Music Piano Music Piano Music Piano Do you like it? Applause I really liked it. Cover closing sound Brother, what happened? Have we committed a misdemeanor? Not you, Şadiye. Who did you get permission to enter this room with my sister ? Bidâr Sultan gave permission, my prince. Şadiye Sultan’s piano teacher got sick. Are you a piano teacher? No. But when I was in my country Abdulkadir There is no need for explanation. You obviously have taken on a task that is not yours. forgive me.

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Music Tension I couldn’t understand why my brother was so angry. Tahsin and Mahmud Pashas went to the French Post and Telegraph Company. But we could only look at incoming mail. There is a confidentiality decision for outgoing mail from Payitaht. They are protected by capitulations. What we need is mail sent from here . How will this be possible? There is only one way. If the French Postal Service becomes involved in an interstate crime.all kinds of rights arise for our state.

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 in English Youtube

Said But this crime should concern all nations, my lord. From the perspective of experience.that’s how things get easier. We will find a reach that company’s mail. What I want from you is something else. Our post and telegraph ministry should grow. It must be the best in the district . It is clear what disasters we will face if we do not keep communication in our hands.

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 105 Trailer in English Subtitles

What are we going to do, my lord? First of all, we will intimidate rival companies. How? Our company will carry the cheapest postage. Starting tomorrow, postal and telegraph charges will be cut in half. You know better, my lord. But when you do this, the company goes bankrupt. Said You must have thought of a precaution. The damage will be compensated from the treasure.

Payitaht AbdulHamid Season 4 Episode 104 in English Subtitles

What do we hope from this work, my lord? Competitors should become unable to compete. We ‘re going to force the French company to go bankrupt or sell it. Let’s show them that our eyes are on them. In our country.if they are operating against us .we must show them the sign that it will come at a price . Let’s see if this company has a connection with an international crime . Ohh! What a beautiful garden. Like that. My brother values ​​trees and flowers as much as people. Every soul is sacred to him.

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