Seddulbahir In English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 1 in English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 1 in English SubtitlesSeddulbahir Episode 1 in English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 1 in English Subtitles Let the upreme court convene a oon a poible, let it decide. The one who tarve the innocent leg for hi own benefit. The .trying to tart a you want the upreme court to meet quickly? Moreover, there i evidence of all hi treachery.

Seddulbahir Episode 1 in English

Now i not the time to ettle account with each other. It i time to reckon with the dog noble who have captured the Wetern ky. Colpan. Great Obar. With the heroim of our warrior and the deciion of the God will oon regain your former trength. When your wound i healed, Almighty Obar.We will continue where we left off, eraing the Turk from pain. It wa almot time.

Seddulbahir Episode 1

There wa very little left. I almot beat them and.he would drop the crown with hi own hand. But.he came. And it broke everything. Firt he ecaped from the trap in the cave.then he aved hi whole leg from death. batuga Batuga and Akkız look like they will fill our feet, upreme Obar. After I get the crown.I’ll erae them firt. them firt. It hurt me once. I’m not going to give him a econd chance.

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I tied him.with my own hand. I broke hi arm with my own hand, I heard it crunch with my own ear. But then he came out a if nothing had happened. He wa the one who won the war. A heroic return of a miing Tegin called Dead. How can thi be? Occult cience and great pirit. It wa obviouly paed by omeone with a lot of knowledge. We are a generation that melt the iron mountain and i born again when it i aid that we are dead. He did what he aid. When he died, he wa reborn. Seddulbahir Episode 2 in English Subtitles

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It wa indeed a double-headed wolf. But that double-headed wolf.I’ll rip off it claw firt. Then your teeth. Before they both die.leep will not touch my eye. We owe you a debt of gratitude. You helped even knowing it would put your life in danger. Very brave. My mother ued to ay that when a peron’ life i at take.the dragon enter hi lair and the nake drink poion.

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I didn’t undertand then.but now I realize.where your home i, your home i. Without him, you would be homele. I didn’t expect you to talk o kindly, thank Mei Jin. But you know.there’ no home in our houehold. Now I know I can’t beat you with my word.


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