Seddulbahir In English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 3 in English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 3 in English SubtitlesSeddulbahir Episode 3 in English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 3 in English Subtitles They began towith the enthuiam the un gave have fun. They lot themelve becaue they got drunk while ing. They topped ing the game. What do they ee next. .the now they collected in ack.melted. Becaue they couldn’t take thi now to their tribe.they were extinct.

Seddulbahir Episode 3 in English

How imilar are they to u? Our ancetor uffered through the age. ometime Chinee, ometime Ruian Varangian. ometime it faced threat from other nation. But with the help of Gök Tengri.we did not perih. Yet we tood. We created our great tate . A their danger pa. .we fell for each other. We betrayed our blood relative for our whim. In return.Gok Tengri brought the Itbarak to u Now.

Seddulbahir Episode 3

if we don’t top ing game.we too will be extinct. Now i the time to fight the enemy, not each other. It i time to unite and end the Itbarak to where they came from, like my Oguz Ata. creaming Voice Great age. Our bet warrior have arrived, who want to dedicate their trength to Great Obar. Who own the blood in you? God i Çora. Who own the oul in your body? God i Çora. Who i upreme Obar?

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It i the gift of God Çora. My blood to Obar the Great. May my oul ret in great Obar. May the great Obar exit. I.on of Alpagu Khan.Batuga. The hymn of the Great Kam. The hope of mother.children.heaven.and all Turkmen in ditre. A the pirit of the double-headed wolf. .The Khan of the army of the Great Alpagu Khan. Intead of fighting the Itbarak and all thoe who belong to our lineage

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I wear. I’m Akkız. Evren Alp’ daughter.I am the heart of the double-headed wolf. ince we are a double-headed wolf by Gök Tengri’ wih.we are at your command from now on, my Han. Lamb Beg. My Oğuz Ata.three ilver arrow to hi three on. He gave golden bow to hi other three on. Seddulbahir Episode 2 in English Subtitles

Seddulbahir Episode 3 Trailer in English Subtitles

Now. the bow and arrow.that Oğuz Ata gave to hi ix on . .I’ll give it to you. on. Thi word. Forged by fire in the Altai mountain. It wa covered with oil from Ötügen foret. Water wa given to the couple from the ource of the Orkhon River. Cooled and haped by the wind on God Mountain. Fire, air, water and earth worked in thi haze. Now.detroy all our enemie.

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