Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3 In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3 In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3 In English Subtitles If it weren’t just the name ( Arslan= Lion). And really he’s a lion. So there will be no two lions in Baghdad. Oqi lady. I have told: This time is not appropriate for my return, don’t you understand? Now not, when, Annal Sahib ? I don’t know if Alp Arcelan will die in Baghdad from poison. Chaghri Sahib is busy with his brother in Tokaristan. Heard the armies are gathering. In an effort to weaken the Sultan Gharal Bohi Empire.. They are gathering armies to take allegiance to all forts from Ray to Baghdad.

If you exceed your limit. Gregor, Governor of Surmari, would not have told our plan.

So now I would be in Vasporakan or Ginja, wouldn’t I? By preparing an army for confrontation with the Sultan. Has climbed Isfahan. You were about to climb Baghdad and put your Sultan brother under your feet, weren’t you? You are sacrificing everything for them. But they don’t even take your name. Who gave the title to the killer Arcelan Yusuf. If you stay here, they will distribute all your booty. And if Alp Arslan strengthened his reputation and returned from Baghdad.

So you will end up. Now go back, Oqi lady. You can’t live in the infidels for long.

Go back, for Allah, wait without interfering in anything. But the most important thing is that. Don’t be close to Gregor. The Alp Arsalan’s being in Baghdad is the great kindness of Allah. Maybe if you come back. So when I mean me. Will see on your throne. Then I want to see his face. The commanders from Bukhara will be in Vasporakan today. Before the revolution. Welcome them well. What you are doing is madness. If we also climb Vasporakan, there will be no help and support in the midst of the Seljuki lands.

You will draw your part to the wrath of the whole Seljuk Empire.

The one who does this takes precautions.. We are not alone in this work. What does mean ? Who will help us? Of course * Governor Gregor and his Byzantine army. Will you unite with the Byzantines? The times have to walk the same path with the enemy to reach victory. Arsalan Yusuf will succeed in this, you are sure? Bukhara’s most powerful commander stands in his row. And we are protecting his back. Just look at it next. Alp Arslan’s being in Baghdad is a great opportunity for Arcelan Yusuf.

But as the woman said, if she got better and returned from there..

No, I will not be able to return. After a letter sent to me, he will find Alp Arlan and kill him himself. And beware. Anal will not know anything. Your vestedas are in the interest of Lena Anal from Alp Arsalan, so what is the violence we have ? Do you think the sword is only caught with its hand? Al-Pagot did not prove that no Turks could be fully trusted? From our Arcelan Yusuf to climb Vasporakan.

Anal will not know anything.

You should not be at all violent in your attack. You’re right, Baba. You allowed my wife to stay with me, Governor. Thanks. But the woman is returning to Wasporakan. Thought let you know. You did not miss our host at all, Governor. Thanks. Our door is always open to you whenever you want to meet Annal Sahib. Governor Hazrat. Nial Sahib has been cooperating with Prinalp Arsalan from the beginning.

The surrounding streets are full of bisacari men. Solomon.Mussa. Get out of us before the plan. We have to find them right away, obviously they can’t fly as birds. We must put these bodies in and walk immediately. Episode 2

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