Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 In English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 In English Subtitles Alparslan is running out of time. I’m sure he has started making a new plan to enter the castle. I will ensure your safety; I will personally protect you, Mr. Governor; do not be concerned. Aren’t you a legitimate Georgian prince? How would they dare to do such a thing without your knowledge? Will you keep quiet? I would say that the ruler of Khorasan, ar Bey, was kidnapped by the sons of Liparit. Let him find a cure; otherwise, you will get your share of his wrath. inspiration I wish there was a solution. His Holiness Sultan Tugrul,

we took all their strength from their hands and

did not leave even a single piece of land to breathe. So they took advantage of the deaths of the fathers and infested your state. You will be our guest. Let’s disperse this place appropriately. Would I have thought of this situation, I say, that we are waiting to be rescued in a horse carriage? Would it have occurred to you that it was 30 to 5 years ago, and then 3,000 people left me with qualifications? I had the king of the kings, Senker, with his army, and he looked back with concern at the army behind him, and I know I can’t afford you and your army. When I asked him how he knew,

he told me it was in a couple of digits.

He said that a people with strong feet would come; that is, he believed that God sent us as a wrath on them, but he defeated you; you were wrong; is this how they told you I was going to take it back? I was not the lazap that God sent on them. Byzantium came there after us, and King Senkeri annexed all his lands and destroyed them. Because the Armenian churches have no boundaries, they exiled approximately forty thousand Armenians from these lands, so I will say that game, I will not be the one who dethroned my army from the crown of my oppressive years.

Because fate is not written with a person’s mind,

let us look at what the writer of destiny wrote for us military intelligence. I always appreciated how lucky it was to have a soldier like you by my side. It’s great for me to hear from you, general of honor, despite all that has happened. Wait here. We can easily see where we will meet. Keep an eye on the diocesan duke. Alparslan, when my Sultan brings his edict, let them go; you know what to do if anything goes wrong. I’m not sure it’s the right decision to set off without recruiting ourselves in the castle. Again, we can’t trust anyone without doing a good general cleaning.

We know you are sure that the pen is safe, right?

Sure, sir, don’t be concerned, but where did the trip go? You have nowhere to run gas, I assure you. End of the road, Meduha I know you’re not on good terms with Lukas. And genius. You’ll meet me when I’m not there. [Applause] get down Goodbye If it was my life, I would rather die than do business with you. But the issue is more than my life; don’t worry, Alpaslan Bey is still our enemy. I’m looking forward to the day we meet in person. Don’t make me kill yourself, please. Until hell If you say you’ll go and I’ll follow you, I’ll come back and you’ll die. Güngör, did you sing?

Did you tell them? As I told you before, it is more appropriate for you to tell the truth about Karaca Hatun. When it is good, you should tell them everything. What should I not tell you? If you don’t tell, Episode 6

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