Watch Barbaroslar Season 2 In English Subtitles

Watch Barbaroslar Season 2 In English SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 2 In English Subtitles Barbrossa

Watch Barbaroslar Season 2 In English Subtitles I also have a request from you, Mother. Tell me, Son. Our Sultan gave me some pieces of advice. When he was a prince, he was involved in a trade. I also wish to be involved in a trade. Pasha. You will undertake the construction of this line and deliver it to our state. Sultan, I beg your forgiveness. But I see that the State of England wants to be involved in a political game. If we knew we will lose control of the Suez Canal.with such a line, we would not have come here.

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nor would we have allowed the Germans to come. By Your Majesty’s leave. I need to report this line to London. Excuse me. How could you reveal this dagger that we’d get the heart of the English? How could you disclose the Aqaba line? Barbarossa episode 1 English Subtitles dailymotion You have been deranked. Begone at once. Mr. Zaharoff, remind me to kiss your hand sometime. You saved my life. The information from The Vatican was wrong. Perhaps the Sultan was going to set a trap for us.

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Thanks to you, we learnt the place that Abdulhamid will go. He is not going to a monastery. He is going to an orphanage. What’s this? The sketch of the orphanage. It has only one entrance, the front door. There is a cellar below. Even if disguised. Barbaroslar English Subtitles episode 1 there will be a few guards at the door. That’s a good thing. The guards will be at the door. Abdulhamid will be alone inside. Our men will shoot the guards at the door. Abdulhamid will go down to the cellar. Yes. And.

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Barbarossa English Subtitles episode 1

he will meet.his murderer in the cellar. Hiram. Hiram will love Abdulhamid very much. Because Hiram only loves dead sultans. Sultan. Sultan. I spoke to the landowner. He said he would sell it in the beginning. But he will not sell it. Divine. Sultan. What bothers you? The Dutch. They are preventing the Muslims in Aceh from going on pilgrimage. And Mehmet Pasha. He exposed the Aqaba line to Lord Conrad. How is that possible, Sultan? Notify the ministry. He has been deranked. Suspend his salary. Sultan, Mahmut Pasha came. Send him in. Disaster upon disaster, Sultan.

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Disaster upon disaster. Pasha! Do not spell disaster. What happened? Sultan. The Germans said that they withdrew from this railroad project. We understood the English but what happened to the Germans? Well. The English, French, Russians, Germans. Barbaroslar 25 English Subtitles made a gentleman’s agreement as they share the world with colonialism. They make a joint decision on anything that disturbs their colonialism. That is what they are doing now. We had convinced the Germans to do whatever we wanted. What has Mehmet Pasha done? I cannot understand.

Watch Barbarossa Season 2 In English Subtitles

Do not say that this railroad project is incomplete again. Pasha. Get information about the issue in Aceh. As you command, Sultan. Don’t worry, Pasha. Well. There is a solution for this. God willing. May God give you a long life. May God give you a long life. Mehmet? What happened, Brother? What’s wrong? Don’t ask, Sister. What happened, Brother? Tell me. My heart is burning. Life is unbearable. Brother, tell me. What upsets you so much? Our Sultan has dismissed me from my duty. What? How could something like this happen? I did something I shouldn’t have done. I disclosed the state’s secret.

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There are many poor, sick citizens on the Ottoman lands. That’s a good idea. But I don’t have enough money. Can you lend me a sum of money, Mother? As long as you take a good path I shall not deprive you of anything. This is the money I have been saving. Well done. It is crucial that you gain experience in financial and commercial matters. This will delight our Sultan. If I profit a lot from this trade.will this make the Sultan happy? Son, what’s important is not winning or losing. What’s important is that you trade fairly. If you stay in this direction.our Sultan will be very pleased.

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Don’t be afraid. An owl. A dead owl. However.this owl will haunt you whenever.and however much I want. Gentlemen. This owl is lucky. It has a box wherein to sleep. Whereas. When Abdulhamid dies.he will have no grave wherein he could sleep. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 In English Allow me to introduce… With his cheerful demeanour, Mahmut Pasha. Prince Madal from India. Our Mayor of Hong Kong, Mao Hu. Our mayor of South Africa, Mr. Johnson. And Mehmet Pasha, our accountable in Egypt.

Barbaroslar Season 2 In English Subtitles

I know Mehmet Pasha. He was not long ago subordinated to the capital. Now I see an independent Egypt. Mahmut Pasha. As you can see. In some countries, Barbrossa Season 2 In English  we have appointed local leaders. And in some other countries, Barbaroslar episode 29 English Subtitles we have appointed our own officers. The queen is not the only ruler of this new order in London. It is large corporations and capitalists. Money has no nationality. This process will be difficult for you Mr. Mahmut. Don’t worry.

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Once we put Abdulhamid in the cage, everything will be solved. It is not that easy, Mahmut Pasha. We are not speaking of Abdulhamid only. Barbaroslar with English Subtitles We are speaking of a whole nation. An old English prime minister once said. to take down the Ottomans, you must take the Quran from their hands. I am not here to discuss religion with you. We just want a free and prosperous life. We don’t want to change our religion.

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