Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 In English Subtitles

Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 In English SubtitlesWatch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 In English Subtitles

Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 In English Subtitles They will do duty day and night for nothing. And I come back by closing the transition. Very good judge Ghathuddin.. You are doing your responsibility well. Look, that’s what you will do in the way you want. Promise, I won’t bother you next. Don’t go Lara, open your eyes. How many children do you want ? If they are like you, at least three.

Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 In English

So will my stipend ( pay ) be enough for all of them? Children come up with their provision, dear Mustafa. I have you I feel great. Please, this dream never ends.  Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 In English Every dream is awakened. You don’t want to wake up from your dream ? But they want to wake you up. His condition is deteriorating. Over time, her heartbeat is declining. I have a heavy load on my shoulders. My conscience is blaming me.

Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4

I have no longer had the power to stand up. God Almighty does not put an unbearable burden on anyone.I’ve always been incomplete ( Uncompleted ) Abdullah.I’m always incomplete. When Lara was running, I was in my place. Laughing made the laughing stock cry. Can I purify myself Abdullah? I was always incomplete. You are my brother Mustafa. You are my brother. I ruined the lives of both of us. No one stands in front of destiny and events. That’s better for you. Dig my grave and friend. Even luck is full.

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Aman A. Death. Asylum from you, Azalam death.. Give me a three-day break. Take this love from me. And reach my beloved. Aman A. death, a tyrant death. Give me a three-day break. What’s the matter at the moment ? Very important. The goat we have arrested, I want to move it to another life. If I moved it to a safe place.So what happened will make me my statement about it. Will confess your crimes and helpers. Aren’t Ghalata’s lives safe? Qazi Sahib. The goat will be in place.By relying on a robber like this

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, I will not change his place. But his life is not safe. Judge Ghathuddin. A month ago they tried to take your life. And hit my wife in a bomb attack. No one’s life is safe.Don’t take these bandits too seriously. Because people like this can lie to save themselves. But you should know that, sir. I have deployed my special officers to protect the goat and they are doing duty. As you said Minister:

Watch Haji Bayram Veli Episode 4 Trailer In English Subtitles

No guarantee of someone’s life. We have to do our duty well. My Sultan. Prime Minister has come. According to your order, I was researching in the case of Boris Zahrias. Hussamuddin Sahib: My special man I gave this stipend. He died of a heart attack. He was fine. Apparently there is no reason to have a heart attack. Pasha. Do you doubt he was killed? I don’t think a man like Boris Zahrias is involved in such a blatant crime.

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Well, what about criminals and foreign agencies ? All events are taking place.The man we want to set up a bank could not escape these suffering. And it didn’t happen enough, so other countries are doing their best to stop building the bank. We are creating all sorts of obstacles in front of us. Don’t even point Boris Zahrias at all. Do whatever he wants. So we see who is behind this issue. Qazi Ghiyahuddin was also included in the investigation. This problem will be solved immediately.

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