Will Osman Bey learn the true identity of Üstad Gera?

In this exciting reveiw of upcoming episode 135 of Kurulus Osman, Osman Bey is determined to conquer Lefke Castle and faces a surprising twist when Yakup Bey, who acted ahead of him, hands over the castle.

The true intentions behind Yakup Bey’s actions remain mysterious, and Osman Bey suspects he might be playing a cunning game.

Meanwhile, various characters like Cerkutay, Malhun Hatun, and Orhan Bey have their own subplots and intentions, adding depth to the storyline. The enigmatic Üstad Gera, who conceals his true identity, gets invited to Yenişehir by Osman Bey.

His motives and agenda are shrouded in secrecy, adding an element of intrigue to the narrative.

The plot takes unexpected turns as Vasilis enters the scene and orchestrates a complex game. As characters like Boran Bey find themselves in perilous situations, the suspense and tension build, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Photo Story


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